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Advantages of Helicopters

  • Speed

    Operating at a cruising speed of 200km per hour, the flight time from Tokyo to Hakone is approximately 35 minutes. Traffic jams will never be an issue when transfers are by helicopters!

  • Private

    Enjoy time with family, friends or loved ones in a private charter without having to worry about other passengers.

  • Entertainment

    Spectacular views from 500 meters above ground are the best entertainment that cannot be experienced by any other modes of transportation.


Usage Guide

  • Search Helicopter Cruises / Tranfers

    Step 1Search Helicopter Cruises / Tranfers

    Search helicopter flights from Private Cruises or Private Transfers

  • Reservation to Confirmation of Booking

    Step 2Reservation to Confirmation of Booking

    After the submission of reservation, an e-mail with details on the payment method(s) will be sent with a stipulated payment deadline. An e-mail confirming your booking will be sent upon the confirmation of payment.

  • Departure

    Step 3Departure

    Arrive at the heliport by the scheduled meeting time for a briefing on what to expect during the flight course, then board the helicopter and depart for the air trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: Does helicopter fares include insurance coverage?

    A: Helicopter fares provided by skyticket include “Comprehensive Third Party / Passenger Liability Insurance”.
    The policy covers legal damages arising out of the ownership, use, or management of the contracted aircraft and accidental injury to the life or body parts of third parties or passengers outside the aircraft, or damage to the property of third parties or passengers’ belongings outside the aircraft, provided that the insured is legally liable for the damages and the damages are arising out of the ownership, use or management of the contracted aircraft.

  • Q: What is the schedule on the day of the flight?

    A: The following steps are a guidance for all passengers:
    ・ Ensure to check your e-mail before you start your trip
    * In the event that the flight is canceled due to inclement weather, or other reasons, an e-mail will be sent to you
    ・ Please arrive at the meeting place exactly on time as arriving too early will result in a long waiting time
    ・ Passengers will be briefed on boarding procedures after being checked in by a staff member
    ・ Passengers will be escorted to the aircraft at the scheduled time (this may be earlier than scheduled time)
    ・ A commemorative photo will be taken after the flight and the group will be dispersed immediately after the session

  • Q: What is the Baggage allowance on board?

    A: One carry-on baggage (excluding handbags) is allowed per passenger on board.
    Passengers may be denied from boarding at departure point in the event that the carry-on baggage exceeds the size allowance.
  • Q: Are helicopters safe?

    A: Operated by an experienced pilot with extensive flying experience, the aircraft is inspected, maintained and in perfect condition.
    For safety reasons, flights may be canceled depending on the weather and wind speed on the day of the flight.