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  • 2020/01/18

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(Updated: September, 01, 2019 00:12)

Lowest Airfares for Flights Departing from Almaty 


Almaty is a city in Kazakhstan. Almaty is the country;s largest city and 9% of the country's population lives in Almaty. Almaty is a commercial and cultural hub of Kazakhstan. Almaty has a large financial industry and serves as a business centre. Almaty is situated in a mountainous area with the Large and Small Almatinka rivers running through it. The word Almaty means city of apple trees as Almaty is host to a large variety of apple trees. Many researchers worldwide visit Almaty to learn more about apples. The city has tall buildings, like any metropolitan city. As Almaty exists in a mountainous area, mountains provide a naturally scenic backdrop to the skyline, adding to the city's beauty.

Almaty Major Airport(s)

Lowest Airfares for Flights Departing from Almaty Cheap Flights
 Seasons with the Best Deals

Thailand(Bangkok):2019/12:USD719~ , 2020/1:USD482~ , 2020/2:USD482~ , 2020/3:USD504~ , 2020/4:USD755~ , 2020/5:USD734~ ,
Kyrgyzstan(Bishkek):2019/12:USD123~ , 2020/1:USD101~ , 2020/2:USD138~ , 2020/3:USD123~ , 2020/4:USD103~ , 2020/5:USD103~ ,
South Korea(Seoul):2019/12:USD568~ , 2020/1:USD500~ , 2020/2:USD501~ , 2020/3:USD501~ , 2020/4:USD537~ , 2020/5:USD519~ ,
Uzbekistan(Tashkent):2019/12:USD174~ , 2020/1:USD155~ , 2020/2:USD172~ , 2020/3:USD168~ , 2020/4:USD171~ , 2020/5:USD172~ ,

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