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  • 2020/12/13

  • 2020/12/16


(Updated: January, 06, 2020 11:11)

Lowest Airfares for Flights Departing from Chengdu 


Chengdu is a sub provincial city as well as a capital in Sichuan province. Chengdu is also known as one of the most populous cities in Western China and the 5th most populous city in China. It has a population of 14.43 as at 2014. Chengdu is unique since it has been able to maintain its name through the many eras such as imperial, republican and communist eras. Currently, Chengdu is considered as one of the most important centers for culture, commercial, economic, financial and communication. Chengdu one side is bordered by the Longmen mountains and on the other side by the Qionglai Mountains. Chengdu has fertile lands and a favorable climate which makes the city to have a nice view.

Chengdu Major Airport(s)

Lowest Airfares for Flights Departing from Chengdu Cheap Flights
 Seasons with the Best Deals

Hong Kong(Hong Kong):2020/12:USD438~ ,
Japan(Tokyo):2020/12:USD490~ , 2021/2:USD476~ ,
South Korea(Seoul):2020/12:USD338~ , 2021/1:USD334~ ,
China(Lhasa):2020/12:USD1,487~ ,

【~USD241】Lowest Airfares for Flights Departing from  Chengdu 

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