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  • 2023/09/04
    Chennai (Madras)(MAA)

  • 2023/09/05


(Updated: April, 22, 2023 10:10)

Lowest Airfares for Flights Departing from Chennai (Madras) 

Chennai (Madras)

Located on the Coromandel Coast, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, one of the states of India. Based on a 2011 estimate, Chennai has a population of more than seven million making it the fifth largest city in India. Chennai is one of the largest centers for culture and economy in Southern India. Many foreign tourists book a plane ticket bound to Chennai, thus making the city the 43rd most visited city in the world for 2015. Additionally, Chennai is the health capital of India.

Chennai (Madras) Major Airport(s)

Lowest Airfares for Flights Departing from Chennai (Madras) Cheap Flights
 Seasons with the Best Deals

Thailand(Bangkok):2023/6:USD330~ , 2023/8:USD334~ , 2023/10:USD300~ ,
Sri Lanka(Colombo):2023/6:USD195~ ,
South Korea(Seoul):
South Korea(Seoul):2023/7:USD810~ , 2023/8:USD699~ ,
Japan(Tokyo):2023/6:USD591~ , 2023/7:USD726~ , 2023/8:USD630~ , 2023/10:USD693~ ,

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