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  • 2021/01/01
    Kuwait city(KWI)

  • 2021/01/28


(Updated: March, 06, 2020 13:01)

Lowest Airfares for Flights Departing from Kuwait city 

Kuwait city

Kuwait City is the capital and the biggest city of Kuwait. Kuwait City is located in the center of Kuwait, on the coast of Persian Gulf. Kuwait City is very modern and full of stunning skyscrapers. Nestled amongst Kuwait City's modern architecture are some beautiful historic buildings, such as The Grand Mosque and a Seif Palace from 19th century. There are many luxurious hotels and shopping malls in Kuwait City. Kuwait City is dubbed the Hollywood of the Gulf, because it makes many popular TV series and films.

Kuwait city Major Airport(s)

Lowest Airfares for Flights Departing from Kuwait city Cheap Flights
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Thailand(Bangkok):2020/8:USD399~ , 2020/9:USD490~ , 2020/10:USD379~ , 2020/12:USD488~ ,
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South Korea(Seoul):2020/8:USD1,153~ , 2020/9:USD658~ , 2020/10:USD666~ , 2020/11:USD666~ , 2021/1:USD1,027~ ,
Turkey(Istanbul):2020/8:USD379~ , 2020/9:USD310~ , 2020/10:USD258~ , 2020/12:USD428~ ,

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