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Lampang, also known as Nakhon Lampang, is a town located at the northern part of Thailand. Nakhon Lampang is the capital of the Lampang Province and the district of Lampang. Nakhon Lampang is the third biggest town in all of northern Thailand. It is located about 601 kilometers north of Bangkok and around 101 kilometers on the southeast direction of Chiang Mai. Nakhon Lampang is known for being a transportation and commercial trade center. Lampang city is known for its traditional rice farming, sugarcane plantations, and pineapple produce. Nakhon Lampang is also one of Thailand's biggest holders of huge deposits of kaolin that is used in ceramics. One of the most traditional symbols of Nakhon Lampang is the horse-drawn carriage that can be seen in most of their products. Lampang is accessible through ticket flights to the Lampang Airport.

Lampang Major Airport(s)

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