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  • 2020/12/05
    San Jose (United States)(SJC)

  • 2020/12/09
    Las Vegas


(Updated: January, 26, 2020 16:04)

Lowest Airfares for Flights Departing from San Jose (United States) 

San Jose (United States)

The largest city in Northern California, San Jose is Silicon Valley’s political, cultural and economic capital. With a population of more than 1 million, San Jose is the tenth most populated city in United States. Because of its notable prosperity and high cost of living, San Jose is considered a global city. The city experiences a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters. Dubbed as the Capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose is home to large high-technology engineering industries, microprocessor and computer companies. This outburst of technological advancements paved the way for the city’s rise in employment rate.

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