Providence:A Stunning City Full of History and Beauty~

Providence:A Stunning City Full of History and Beauty~

Thinking of going on vacation but you can't really decide where? That's okay, here is a clue: Providence. The capital city of the small US state is a perfect place to get out of the everyday life and experience something new. Providence is not only the capital but also the most populated city in Rhode Island. The city dates back all the way to the 1600s and was founded by Roger Williams who was a religious exile. Providence lies at the mouth of the Providence River and at the head of the Narragansett Bay. Here are some of the places that are worth a visit or two during your trip to Providence.

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Providence:A Stunning City Full of History and Beauty~

1. Marble House

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One of Rhode Islands biggest attractions is the precious Marble House. The house is open to the public as a museum which is preserved by the Preservation Society of Newport County. Designed by the well known architect Richard Morris Hunt, the Marble House has a Gilded age style. The Marble House name calls to be a regular house however it is a huge mansion. Visitors can take a self guided audio tour where they can learn about the history of the house and it's former owners.

2. Roger Williams Park

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Named after Providence's founder, Roger Williams, the Roger Williams Park is a top sight to check out in Providence. The park is huge, occupying more than four hundred acres in the city. The park has got listed as a historic district for all the things it has in store for it's visitors. The park features a zoo which is home to over one hundred and fifty rare animals from around the world. If this wasn't enough, people can visit the botanical garden located inside the Roger Williams park and take a stroll among the many interesting plants.

3. Touro Synagogue  

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The oldest synagogue in the whole United States of America is still proudly standing. The stunning old synagogue is a jaw dropping sight in Rhode Island. Built in 1763 the Touro Synagogue or also known under the name of Congregation Jeshuat Israel is not only the oldest synagogue in the United States but it is also the oldest surviving and standing Jewish building in North America. Because of it's age and miraculous perseverance the Touro Synagogue was listed as a National Historical Site. Visitors can catch a glimpse of the era that the synagogue stands for while they tour around the whole place.

4. Slater Mill Historic Site  

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Located on the Blackstone River, the Slater Mill is a mill complex. The Slater mill was modeled after the cotton spinning mills. But what makes a mills special and a tourist attraction? The Slater Mill is a historic mill because it was the first water- powered cotton spinning mill to use a special system in North America. The system was developed by Richard Arkwright and was named after the developer. Visitors will be introduced to the mill and it's absolute amazing architecture and history. People will find out many fascinating things about the mill and the working process.

5. The Towers

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The Towers locally are also knowns as the Twin Towers. The historic site of The Towers is welcoming every visitor and asking them to participate. People can join into events held in The Towers which are all year around. Tours can be taken as well, where tourists can pick up interesting information about the place. The Towers were originally built in the 1880s and are the only remains of the Narragansett Pier Casino. This lovely place will set the mood for it's time period and will leave visitors in awe.

6. John Brown House

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Constructed between 1786 and 1788 the John Brown house was the first mansion to be built in Providence, Rhode Island. It is said to be the most elegant and magnificent mansion in the area. The house borders the campus of the famous Brown University. This home is a great place to visit because once you have toured the famous house and you have admired all the furniture and art work especially the architecture and the hard work the constructor put in the house, you can also tour one of the best universities and you can catch a glimpse into the Brown University's history and everyday life.

7. Providence Children's Museum

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A very family friendly place where everyone but especially the children can be free and have fun. The Providence Children's Museum aims to create engaging events and creative activities. Visitors will have the chance to participate in hands- on activities in the purpose to learn something new and useful. In this learning environment kids get to try out new things and learn through their experiences while giving parents a break. The Providence Children's Museum will be an interactive place for kids and a chance to relax for parents.

8. Governor Stephen Hopkins House

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Once used to be an important person's house, today is a museum. The house of the former governor called Stephen Hopkins is a museum to the public where everyone can go and visit the history of the state. The museum is also a National Landmark and was the house of Stephen Hopkins. Visitors to the house museum will experience the proper periodic life and lifestyle through the architecture and the rooms of the house. People will learn about the many famous things the owner did during his life and why is he so important to the American history.

9. Governor Henry Lippitt House

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Providence never fails to run out of beautiful architecture and special meaningful houses that everyone can visit. The Victorian style home is a museum today open to the public. The former governor of Rhode Island used to call this house his home however today it turned to be a historic museum. Visitors have the option to choose between guided tours or self guided tours to fly back in time and experience the Victorian style life and Providence's industrial life back in the days. The tours will satisfy everyone with educative informations and jaw dropping rooms.

10. Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology

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The Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology is used as the teaching museum of the Brown University. The gallery museum is a two thousand square feet large space where interesting and distinct objects are being displayed. People will be inspired by the creativity of the museum since it has many different perspectives to represent such as different cultures. Visitors will be able to participate in events held at the museum or can enjoy a self guided tour, looking around time while learning about new subjects.

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Rhode Island is truly a small state, but that's because it's a great destination for any kind of trip. The capital city, Providence, is a family friendly spot to choose where kids will have fun as well as it allows parents to relax. Providence is filled with history and great places to visit in order to learn more about the American culture and history. A lot of historical events happened in the area which are world changing and are must places to see. Providence will be definitely one of the blest places you will visit.