Eritrea ~A Unique Scenic African Country Among the Off-The-Beaten-Track Destinations~

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Eritrea ~A Unique Scenic African Country Among the Off-The-Beaten-Track Destinations~

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Eritrea ~A Unique Scenic African Country Among the Off-The-Beaten-Track Destinations~

Eritrea, which is officially known as the State of Eritrea, is a country located in the Horn of Africa, with an area of 117,600 km2 and population of about 5 million. The capital city of Eritrea is Asmara. There are several and diverse ethnic groups living in Eritrea. The climate of Eritrea is diverse depending on the part of the country, ranging from hot and dry climate to wetter one, with a lot of rain in winter. The means of transportation that you will need for getting to Eritrea is by plane, boat, car, bus. There are numbers of sightseeing and places of attraction in Eritrea, so we introduce you the most visited and the most popular ones below.

1. Cattedrale di Asmara (Asmara)

Cattedrale di Asmara (Asmara) is an impressive complex located in Eritrea. It was built in the 20th century by the government of Italian colonial. Its height is 52meters and will not leave anybody without expectations. Go inside to see the interior beauty of this sightseeing and admire the decoration with arches. The exterior view is also beautiful and admiring. This impressive building is also a historical landmark, so you can admire the combination of religious and historical values to enjoy the whole astonishing beauty of this spot of Eritrea.

2. Fiat Tagliero (Asmara)

Fiat Tagliero(Asmara) is an astonishing sightseeing located in the capital city of Eritrea, in Asmara. The construction was over in the first half of the 20th century and the design was completed by an Italian engineer, named Giuseppe Petazzi. This sightseeing is similar to an aero plane and is an architectural innovation. So if you travel to Eritrea, this is surely one of the best places to see there. Take a walk there to enjoy the whole beauty of this amazing spot.

3. Enda Mariam Orthodox Church (Asmara)

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Enda Mariam Orthodox Church is an important site of Eritrea that dates back to 20th century. Being built by Italians it has an interesting and professional solution of architecture. This nice and old building is frequently closed for the visitors, but anyway it is surely worth visiting to see not only the great example of its architecture, but also to admire the beauty of this special building. There is annual feast taking place here and if you want to see this, visit here in the end of November and in the beginning of December, because it takes place either on November 30th or on December 1st (in a leap year).

4. Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque (Asmara)

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Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque (Asmara) is a mosque in Eritrea, in the centre of its capital city Asmara. This is a very important sightseeing in terms of worship and it includes three styles, Islamic, Classical and Rationalist respectively. There is a yard in front of this spot, the walls are generally white and simple and is covered with Islamic writings and inscriptions. This site is important not only for its beauty, but also for Muslim society living in Eritrea.

5. Asmara Theater and Opera House (Asmara)

Asmara Theater and Opera House (Asmara) is a famous sightseeing of Eritrea and is located in its capital city - Asmara. Making a tour to Eritrea and including Asmara Theater and Opera House in your visiting list, you will get the chance to see the architectural uniqueness and the astonishing scenery of this sightseeing. The inner part is usually close for visitors, unless you find a guide who is allowed to lead you there. Entering this building you will feel as if you are in Italy, since it was built by Italians and gives an impression of Italian atmosphere.

6. Denkalya Desert (Asmara)

If you decide to have a tour to Eritrea, moreover to its capital city – Asmara, be sure to have a visit to Denkalya Desert (Asmara), a low-altitude desert in Eritrea. What you need to do before getting there, is to cover your head, take comfortable shoes and a lot of water. The temperature may be up to 50oC here, so you need to be aware of this. If you succeed in bearing the hot weather here for some time, you will have a chance to see Afar people, who come here for collecting salt and stay in the desert sometimes for couple of days, having their nights and days outside, with their camels.

7. Mariam Da'arit (Keren)

Mariam Da'arit (Keren) is little chapel located in Keren, Eritrea. You will definitely like the idea of this creative sightseeing, since it is built inside a baobab tree. This is a religious spot and house to a statue of Holy Madonna and is fully dedicated to Virgin Mary. You can take your time by praying here, or just thinking, enjoying the beautiful scenery of flowers around it and see how locals come to give their respect to this religious spot of Eritrea.

8. Former Imperial Palace (Massawa)

Former Imperial Palace (Massawa) is a building in Massawa, Eritrea, which was an important cultural and political place until its destruction, in 1990. The Ethiopian-Eritrean war was the reason for this disaster that is why the only thing that remained from this site is its ruins. Although you can still feel the grace and glory that Former Imperial Palace had decades ago. Part of its design and decoration is noticeable for its visitors, too.

9. Enda Marian- Cattedrale Copta Di Asmara (Asmara)

Enda Marian- Cattedrale Copta Di Asmara (Asmara), which is one of the well-known sightseeing in Eritrea, is an Orthodox Cathedral which was built on the place of an ancient church. This site has both Italian and Eritrean architectural solutions combined in its design and decoration. The church is open to visitors only if there is a liturgy inside. So try to be present on one of them to see this attraction of Eritrea inside.

10. National Museum Asmara (Asmara)

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National Museum Asmara is located in the capital city of Eritrea. This sightseeing introduces the history of Eritrea which you can enjoy by the exhibitions inside there. It also gives idea about the culture, the traditions and the long struggles of Eritrea. So enter here to get informed about each single detail of Eritrea.

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Generally Eritrea is a country with rich historical background. You will surely notice this by the buildings, churches and sometimes by the ruins of former structures in Eritrea. You will get introduced to the whole history and culture of this country and, at the same time, you will enjoy the amazing architecture of each building in Eritrea.