Gabon:A Place Known for Its Natural Splendor and Religious Richness~

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Gabon:A Place Known for Its Natural Splendor and Religious Richness~:table of contents

For those who love wildlife, parklands, solace, natural beauty and bright sunny days, there is no better place to visit than Gabon. Situated along the Atlantic coast of Central Africa, Gabon is home to the most splendid wonders of nature. You can spend your day lounging at the beach or exploring the wilds while you are at the Gabon- the natures own paradise. Here are some of the sightseeing places in Gabon that must secure a place on your itinerary

1. Pointe-Denis Beach (Libreville)

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A long stretch of white sand with lots of greenery and numerous leatherback turtles is what describes the Pointe-Denis Beach (Libreville) the best. It is known to be the biggest breeding grounds for leatherback turtles. You may plan a family picnic or take a stroll down the sloping sand and experience the leisurely feel of the sea, sand & sun. For adventure enthusiasts, this place also has options to go swimming, snorkeling, whale-spotting boating tour, more. The place is a famous sightseeing spot where locals and visitors both enjoy a perfect day.

2. L'Eglise St-Michel Libreville (Libreville)

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At L'Eglise St-Michel Libreville (Libreville) you may get a chance to explore the spiritual and artistic side of Gabon. This place is known as the spiritual center of the city and is claimed to be crafted by a blind man. For a structure comprising 31 tall columns with intricate carvings, a blind man must have had some great sort of supernatural talent. The carvings on the pillars are of both religious & artistic importance. The religious symbols engraved in those 31 pillars been Christianity & African artistic style together. Apart from being a sightseeing option, L'Eglise St-Michel Libreville(Libreville)is also a religious place of great importance for the people of Gabon.

3. Notre-dame de Lourdes (Libreville)

Another place of religious importance in Gabon, the Notre-dame de Lourdes(Libreville) is perched atop of a hill. Both Catholics of the town, as well as the tourists across the world, come here to offer their prayers to the lords. The entrance of the building offers you a mesmerizing sight of hand painted blue & white façade of traditional Portuguese tiles. The interior of the building is the exact opposite to the exterior and is thus sober and plain. The church is a peaceful place to meditate as well as a popular sightseeing spot as it offers an awe-inspiring view of the city.

4. Stade d'Angondje (Libreville)

Stade d'Angondje( Libreville) is the pride of the locals and also one of the four stadiums that hosted the 2012 African Cup of Nations. The stadium is known to host several sports competitions. The wide structure was finished in a record time of fewer than 20 months and was a result of the constructional collaboration of China and Africa. It is spread over 30 hectares and has a vast seating area to accommodate the spectators of the many games organized here. The place is a must to add tourist spot in your list of sightseeing places in Gabon.

5. St Marie Cathedral (Libreville)

St Marie Cathedral (Libreville) embarked the journey of Christianity in Gabon as it represents the arrival of the first Christian in Gabon. Besides being a major religious spot for the local people, the place is also known for its architectural importance. You may visit the church to offer your prayers, pay a service, or walk the corridors of this marvelous building and click pictures to make the memories of the trip. Located in the heart of the city, this cathedral experiences heavy rush on Sundays and many other festivals.

6. Museum Albert Schweitzer (Lambarene)

The house of Albert Schweitzer who was a Nobel peace prize winner is now converted into the Museum Albert Schweitzer (Lambarene). The house is in the same conditions as it was in 1959 and one can experience his style of living so closely while inside this house. The International Association of the Doctor Schweitzer charity in Lamboréné (AISL) converted this house into the museum which preserves many historical archives. The funds organized by Switzerland, Germany, England, America, and France together are used to maintain this place. A place must be visited for best sightseeing in Gabon.

7. Cour Constitutionnelle de la République Gabonaise (Libreville)

Though most people would not like the idea of including a court campus in their list of sightseeing in Gabon, one visit to this place may change their idea forever. This is a 6-storey building renowned to be one of the most architectural rich campuses in Gabon. The magnificent interiors of this building are most likely to make you stare the wall and the surrounding for several hours. It has a huge auditorium with 750 seating capacity. There is also an infirmary, waiting rooms, a pharmacy, a library, a gym and relaxation room, a restaurant and several offices of Constitutional Judges, Assistants, and all administrative staff.

8. Cathedrale Saint Pierre (Libreville)

For people of religious interests, this is another great place to visit in Gabon. The Cathédrale Saint Pierre Cathedrale Saint Pierre (Libreville) is again a marvel of architectural talent of the Africans. It has a striking interior with ancient and modern sculptures which makes it rather a must visit for tourists as well. You may cherish a Sunday church visit to this praying station and have a good time amid many praying souls and splendid surroundings.

9. Cathedrale Saint Louis (Port Gentil)

A beautiful, old, rustic church build amid the rich palm trees is the picture you would see when you visit Cathedrale Saint Louis (Port Gentil)in Gabon. It is known to be one of the most visually attractive churches of the world with its natural beauty and architectural brilliance. The building has a large tomb that makes the entrance of the church. Perched over an open field the church organizes Sunday masses which are attended by many delightful locals as well as the tourists.

10. Ivindo National Park (Makokou)

Located in the central African Gabonese Republic, the Ivindo National Park (Makokou) is spread over 3,000 square km (1,200 square mi). It was established in 2002, the park is known for its crossroads of ecosystems that attracts many scientists because of the rich biodiversity of the place. The park is named after the Ivindo River which flows through the national park. A park is a spectacular place for sightseeing with many varieties of exotic animals around.

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These places make Gabon a perfect paradise on earth which one must visit for religious as well as sightseeing interests. Every year, thousands of people make Gabon their vacation destination and plunge into the blissful nature.