International Flights - Cancellation/Changes

Cancellation of Reservation

For cancellation of reservations, please contact us (compulsory) via
Telephone at 03-6450-2734 or e-mail at(

※ Cancellation(s) before payment can be made online via 'My Page' for members or via 'My Reservation(s)' for non-members.

  • Cancellation fees do not incur for cancellation requests prior payment
  • ● Please contact us no later than 3 working days before your departure for cancellations of bookings after payment
  • ● Bank charges for refunds of cancellations are borne by the beneficiary
  • ● It is mandatory to contact us by the next working day if you have canceled your flight reservation with the
      airlines directly
  • ● If a cancellation occurs on the day of departure (just before departure), please contact the airlines directly to
      make the cancellation and contact us by the next business day
  • ● Handling fees incurred at time of payment (Convenience Stores, UnionPay, Alipay, Pay-easy/Internet Banking
      or Credit Card Payments) are non-refundable

Cancellation/Modification of Air Tickets for International Flights

1. Cancellation Policy

Please contact our customer service representatives via e-mail or telephone for any changes or cancellations.
Cancellations of all bookings (after payment) due to personal reasons are subject to the fixed airlines cancellation fees.
Cancellation fees do not apply for reservations before payments.
Request for cancellations/refunds of air tickets sold on our website can only be completed by contacting our customer service representatives.
Refunds process cannot be done by contacting the airlines directly; please contact us via e-mail/call us during our business hours.

* Cancellation fees and service charges differ for different airlines
* E-mails and calls for cancellations after our business hours will only be processed on the next working day
* Cancellation fees vary according to when you contact us to make your cancellation
* For cancellations of flights with scheduled departures after our working hours, please contact the airlines directly
(It is compulsory to contact the airlines before the scheduled departure time of the flight you wish to cancel)
Please notify us by the next working day of your flight cancellation with the airlines directly.

2. Modification (Change) of Reservation

Flight bookings after payments made are basically restricted to changes.

[Changes Before Payment]
Reservation changes before payments are considered a new reservation and previous reservations will be canceled.
* Re-reservations (new reservations) are subject to seat(s) availability

[Changes After Payment]
Bookings cannot be changed once payment is made. If passenger's information needs to be modified (such as the passenger's name), the original booking will be canceled and a new booking will be required.
(In the event of a booking cancellation, the fixed cancellation fee will incur)

Cancellation Fees

1. Cancellation Before Payment

Cancellation fees do not apply for cancellations requested/made before payments.

2. Cancellation After Payment

The following cancellation fees apply for cancellations of all bookings (after payment).

Air Tickets subjected to Cancellation Fees Cancellations Before Flight Departure Cancellations After Flight Departure
Applicable to all air tickets Fixed airlines cancellation fee + Administrative fee (JPY16,500)
* Refunds may not be processed depending on the
 type of air tickets
 (100% cancellation fee may apply)
Non-Acceptance for Cancellation(s) / Refund(s)


  • The refund amount after deducting all necessary cancellation and administrative fees will be made to your designated bank account (including payment via convenience stores and Pay-easy). For payments via Amazon Pay and credit cards, the refund amount will be debited to the same credit card used at time of payment.
  • Kindly contact the card company directly for the refund status after you have received the refund procedure completion e-mail from us.

Handling fees incurred at time of booking and payment are non-refundable.

* The cancellation policy can also be found in the confirmation e-mail
* Cancellation fee(s) apply to per passenger
* Cancellations of a few passengers from a group reservation is strictly not allowed depending on airline/ticket restrictions (Any cancellation made will apply to the whole group).
* Please read the "Cancellation Policy" before making payment(s)
For detailed information and queries on the cancellation policy, please e-mail or call us.

[Contact Information]
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Enquiries via Telephone: +81-3-6450-2734
Mondays to Fridays - 9:00AM to 9:30PM
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays - 10:00AM to 6:30PM * Japan time

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