Easy Korean Academy

Easy Korean Academy

Korea Seoul

Realize your dream of studying in Korea at a language school in a “trendy and hip” Korean neighborhood!


Easy Korean Academyの使用教材

1. The Academy’s Original Textbooks

The syllabus at the Easy Korean Academy uses textbooks developed by the academy. This textbook is very popular and can be found in bookstores all over Asia.

The “New Easy Korean Series” of textbooks used in the Regular Course is authored by experienced lecturers of the Easy Korean Academy and covers all Korean language proficiency levels from Beginner to Advanced.

As the textbook focuses on conversational proficiency, it makes it fun to learn Korean while keeping it practical and useful.

Easy Korean Academyの生徒の様子

2. Trendy Neighborhood with Shopping Malls Aplenty

The Easy Korean Academy is located in a trendy neighborhood in Seoul with plenty of shopping malls.

The Hyundai Department Store (Apgujeong Main Store) is just 1.2km from the academy, while the Galleria Department Store, Outlet Mart Shopping Mall, and Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street are 2km away. Additionally, the COEX Mall and more are 3.5km away.

COEX Mall is well known as the largest underground shopping mall in Asia, making this neighborhood irresistible for shopaholics!

Easy Korean Academyの生徒集合写真

3. Short Term Study Abroad Programs Available!

Apart from the regular course, the Easy Korean Academy also offers short term programs. The shortest study period you can choose is four days, which sets the bar low and allows you to enjoy it like a short trip abroad.

In addition, the course is also available during the Golden Week and New Year holidays, allowing working adults who have difficulty getting annual leaves to enroll during less busy periods.

The lecture dates for the courses are not set in stone, so please feel free to ask them about it!

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Most people start learning Korean because of K-POP. Korean idols such as BTS are leading the Korean wave that is now popular not only in Asia but around the world.

Since many of these groups belong to large entertainment agencies located near the school, you may have the chance to meet popular singers, actors and trainees if you are lucky.

Moreover, budding international stars seeking to debut in Korea have also enrolled at the academy in the past, so you might get to study with such people too!

School Basic Information

Name of School Easy Korean Academy
City Seoul, South Korea
Main Accommodations Homestay or Gosiwon
(Single Room Apartments/Dormitory)
Average Number of Students Per Class 6
Affiliated School(s) No


  • Regular Course

    This is a 4-week course for first-time students who wish to stay in South Korea to learn Korean for both short term and long-term.

    Prospective students are required to take a placement test and are divided into different classes based on their proficiency level, allowing them to learn based on the level that best suits their abilities. Levels range from TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) Level 1 to Level 6, from beginners in reading and writing Hangul to advanced students with a view to entering university.

    Using the "New Easy Korean Series", original teaching materials developed by Easy Korean Academy, lessons cover grammar, vocabulary, conversation, listening comprehension, reading and writing. Besides plainly teaching the Korean language, the school incorporates various media, such as TV shows, K-pop and news to allow the students to learn about Korean culture. Students can also improve their Korean language skills through detailed feedback from periodic vocabulary tests and monthly tests. Classes are held from 10:00am to 1:00pm on four weekdays (excluding Wednesdays) for 3 hours per day, 12 hours per week or 48 hours per week, with a minimum enrollment of 1 week duration.

  • Short Term Course

    This course is designed for Japanese speakers who wish to learn Korean on a short term basis.

    This 4-day intensive course offers a full day of Korean classes from 9:00am to 3:30pm (excluding lunch break). In the 1-week and 2-week courses, students attend Korean language classes in the mornings and then spend the afternoons learning about Korean culture through cultural experiences, performance viewing, movies and other activities.

    The classes are conducted using "Survival Korean", an original teaching material developed by Easy Korean Academy, and the class size is smaller than the regular course, with 3 to 8 students.

Course Fees (Tuition and Accommodation Expenses)

Duration Course Fees Accommodation Expenses
4weeks ¥54,000 ¥60,000
8weeks ¥108,000 ¥120,000
12weeks ¥162,000 ¥180,000
16weeks ¥216,000 ¥240,000
24weeks ¥324,000 ¥360,000

Listed in the table above are courses that are 4 weeks or more but enrollment for a 1-week course is also available

Fees vary depending on the course and type of accommodation

Additional fees for materials and placement tests apply

Area Features


Easy Korean Academy is located in Apgujeong-dong Garosu-Gil Street, the cultural center connecting Gangnam and Gangbuk, in a convenient area with department stores, convenience stores, and restaurants in the neighborhood.

Garosu-Gil Street is also known as a "hip and trendy shopping street" where you can indulge in Korean culture by shopping for clothes and cosmetics or having lunch at trendy cafes.

School Address


3-4F, 58 Apgujeong-ro2-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


A 3-minute walk from Sinsa Station Exit 8

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