Stargate Global Education

Stargate Global Education

Philippines Cebu

Recommended for those who want to learn English from scratch, even those who feel they lack confidence in their language skills!


Stargate Global Educationのマンツーマンレッスン

1. No Worries about Keeping Up with the Class! One-to-one Lessons

Many international students have a hard time keeping up with the level of their peers at their study abroad schools.

At Stargate Global Education (Stargate), the one-to-one lesson system works closely with students to help them improve their English skills.

One-to-one lessons are highly recommended for beginners as they can learn English at their own pace and need to get used to speaking without nervousness.

Stargate Global Educationのクラスルーム

2. Beginners of English can Feel at Ease! Lessons Available from Learning Grammar

Understanding grammar is one of the essential elements for complete mastery of English. At Stargate, students can watch video lessons on grammar, so even those who have forgotten even junior high school English can understand grammar in a single step.

Stargate has specialist English grammar instructors available, making it the perfect place to thoroughly improve your English language skills from the basics.

Stargate Global Educationの内観

3. Comfortable Living Environment to Concentrate on Study

Stargate is located in a functional and luxurious Wi-Fi equipped condominium, newly built in 2017 and designed for easy living for foreigners living in Cebu, making it a stress-free experience for long term students.

24-hour security at the entrance of the condominium ensures complete security. Residents of the condominium are mostly foreigners. An infinity pool on the rooftop of the condominium overlooks the city of Cebu, providing a luxurious space that can only be found in the tropics.

The fitness gym and cafeteria are also located in the same compound, making it safe and hassle-free to move around. Rooms are larger and less cramped compared to typical language school dormitories. All rooms are equipped with a sink and an electric kettle for the tea making, which is rare for language school dormitories.

A small balcony and a large window for ventilation and ample lighting are furnished in each room, giving the rooms a sense of openness. Unlike most language schools which have simple instantaneous hot water heaters that are prone to problems such as unstable water temperatures and clogged shower heads, the rooms are equipped with shower rooms with hot shower and adequate water pressure, toilet, washbasin and hair dryer.

Stargate has large hot water heaters with hot water storage in the condominiums, so residents can use the hot showers without stress.

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Meals at Stargate are prepared with the goal of providing students with something to look forward to between studies, even under the strict conditions of a limited school lunch budget and ingredients that are available in Cebu.

The menu is supervised by a Japanese chef from a restaurant in Cebu City and all chefs undergo at least one to two months of training, ensuring appetizing food every day!

School Basic Information

Name of School Stargate English School
City Cebu Island, The Philippines
Main Accommodations Dormitory
Average Number of Students Per Class
Affiliated School(s) None


  • Standard Course

    This is the most basic course, which focuses on improving your overall English skills with an emphasis on speaking.
    This course provides up to 7 lessons so students do not have to worry about not having enough time to prepare and review for their classes.

  • Power-Speaking Course

    This course includes an additional one-to-one class to the curriculum of the Standard Course, allowing students to concentrate on the skills they want to develop further, for a maximum of 8 lessons.
    Especially recommended for those who want to improve their speaking skills.

  • One-to-One Course

    This course focuses exclusively on one-to-one lessons and is recommended for beginners and short term students of 4 weeks or less, with a maximum of 7 lessons.

  • Enjoy Course

    Recommended for those who will be working during their study abroad or for those who would like to take fewer classes (maximum 4) and enjoy sightseeing and activities in Cebu Island.

  • TOEIC Course

    This TOEIC course focuses on TOEIC Reading and Listening Preparation and is recommended for students who are aiming to improve their TOEIC score.

  • TOEIC PLUS Course

    This is the TOEIC course with 2 additional one-to-one classes of General English for a maximum of 7 lessons and is highly recommended for those who wish to improve their TOEIC score and develop their speaking skills at the same time.

Course Fees (Tuition and Accommodation Expenses)

Duration Course Fees Accommodation Expenses
1week ¥69,520
2weeks ¥121,660
3weeks ¥156,420
4weeks ¥173,800
8weeks ¥347,600
12weeks ¥513,500
16weeks ¥679,400
20weeks ¥845,300
24weeks ¥1,011,200

12-24 week package includes a long term discount

Rates vary depending on course and room type

Enrollment fee (USD120) and other local expenses apply separately

Above includes accommodation.

Area Features


Surrounding the school is a safe residential area for foreigners and the more affluent, with condominiums, private kindergartens, international schools and business hotels.

A large shopping mall in the center of Cebu City is just a 5-10 minute taxi-ride (approximately JPY150) away. Japanese restaurants, Filipino restaurants, fast food restaurants, bakeries, cake stores, cafes, supermarkets, convenience stores, money changers, pharmacies, massage & spas and other facilities are also available in the vicinity.

Many students also venture a little further afield on weekends to enjoy marine sports on Cebu's beautiful beaches or on mini-trips to nearby islands.

School Address


Tancor 5 Residential Suites, President Aguinaldo Street, Villa Aurora Village Kasambagan Cebu City, Philippines


Approximately 30-45 minutes drive from Mactan Cebu International Airport 5-10 minutes drive from Ayala Shopping Mall

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