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Popular, well-established language school with students from over 100 countries!


1. Language School with Long History, Proven Results and Credibility

Founded in 1938, Kaplan International Languages (Kaplan) is a long-established language school with 20 campuses in four English-speaking countries.

Kaplan has been a leader in global education for over 80 years, providing high quality teaching with visible results. More than 97% of the school's alumni have rated it as a language school they would recommend to a friend.

A great school for first time students and those who want to learn English in a global environment with students from all over the world!

2. Advanced Learning Facilities and Original Teaching Materials

Kaplan schools in each country are equipped with advanced learning facilities such as interactive whiteboards (electronic blackboards), multimedia centers and libraries, enabling students to study English in a supportive and stimulating environment.

One of the appealing features of Kaplan is its unique learning method, K+, which combines textbooks and digital features created by a team of education experts, and provides full support for reviewing course contents and self-directed learning.

3. Acquire Intercultural Awareness Along with English Skills in an International Environment

Every year, around 75,000 international students (including Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East) study at Kaplan Schools around the world. Students can develop an international mindset close at hand by interacting with students of various nationalities through studying English.

Students are encouraged to improve their English language skills by strictly adhering to an 'English Only' policy in the school, both in class and out of class.

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Kaplan International Languages Santa Barbara is the one and only on-campus school among the affiliated schools, with the school located within the premises of Santa Barbara City College. Students have access to the college library and cafeteria, allowing them to experience American campus life.

Upon completion of the required English level at Kaplan, students have the opportunity to continue their education at Santa Barbara City College.

School Basic Information

Name of School Kaplan International Languages, Bath
City Bath, England, United Kingdom
Main Accommodations Homestay, Apartment
Average Number of Students per Class 12 to 13
Affiliated School(s) UK
Kaplan International Languages, London
Kaplan International Languages, Manchester
Kaplan International Languages, Cambridge
Kaplan International Languages, Edinburgh
Kaplan International Languages, Bournemouth
Kaplan International Languages, Liverpool
Kaplan International Languages, Torquay

Other Countries
United States, Canada, Ireland


  • Flexible English Courses

    ■ Intensive English Course

    This is the most popular course at Kaplan offering a solid comprehensive English language course focusing on the four English language skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing. Students can also review and revise lessons in their spare time using Kaplan's own K+ online resources.
    Students can also participate in the instructor-led group learning K+ Learning Clubs or take elective classes (8 lessons per week) in project-based learning, tailored to individual interests.

    ■ Half-Day English Course

    This course allows students to study for approximately three hours per day (15 hours weekly) while still allowing enough free time for sightseeing and other activities. Students can also check and review their lessons on K+ Online during their spare time.

    ■ Semi-Intensive English Course
    As an addition to the half-day English course, students can participate in Kaplan's instructor-led K+ Learning Clubs, which are group study clubs. Outside of class, students can practice speaking and listening skills with fellow classmates.
    An online supplement, K+ Online Extra, which focuses on pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, is also available, so students can study English at their own pace while still having some free time.

    ■CLASSIC 40+

    Balanced between General English and Business English, this course allows students to develop advanced English abilities, concentrating on English that is useful in business scenarios.
    Recommended for students of age 40 and above.

  • Business English Courses

    ■Business Elective English Course

    This well-balanced course of study in General and Business English, with advanced English language skills, allows students to concentrate on English that is useful in a business context.

  • Examination Preparation Courses

    ■IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Course

    In the UK, IELTS is the most common English language test.
    Students will be taught how to allocate time for each section of the examination, how to correctly answer questions, and how to prepare for all four techniques required for English language study.
    In the IELTS Intensive Course, students will attend classes that focus on examination preparation, while in the IELTS Elective Course, students will take IELTS examination preparation classes as an option in addition to their General English

  • Academic Semester

    This programme is recommended for students who are considering a 5-6 month medium-term study abroad programme. Similar to the Flexible English Courses above, this programme is divided into two semesters, allowing students to acquire English language skills slowly and steadily. The course content can be freely rearranged to suit the progress and objectives of each individual student.

    Between semesters, there are 1 to 3 weeks of vacation and students can travel and enjoy sightseeing during these vacations!

  • Academic Year

    This program is designed for students who are considering an 8-month long study abroad program. Similar to the above Flexible English Courses, this program is divided into three semesters, allowing students to acquire English language skills slowly and steadily.

    Students can freely change the course content according to their progress and objectives. Between semesters, there are 1 to 3 weeks of vacation and students can travel and enjoy sightseeing during these vacations!

Course Fees (Tuition and Accommodation Expenses)

Duration Course Fees Accommodation Expenses
1-4 weeks ¥67,600 ¥42,640
5-11 weeks ¥66,560 ¥42,640
12-19 weeks ¥59,280 ¥42,640
20+ weeks ¥50,960 ¥42,640

Fees vary depending on the course/program selected

Accommodation fees vary depending on the type of accommodation selected

Enrollment and material fees apply separately

Area Features


Bath has been known as a spa town since Roman times. The city itself is a beautiful town registered as a World Heritage site. Various buildings were constructed in the early 18th century, and remain as an elegant cityscape to this day.

Transportation is convenient, with Bristol approximately 15 minutes away and Oxford about an hour away.

School Address


5 Trim Street, Bath BA1 1HB, United Kingdom
The school has a courtyard and a friendly at-home atmosphere.
In the summer months of June through August, the school offers a junior program for students aged 12 to 17.


4-minute walk to Bath Abbey, a parish church of the Church of England 1-minute walk to the city center

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