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AirAsia X- Information

Airline Name AirAsia X Major Routes Kuala Lumpur International Airport⇔Incheon International Airport/Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport/Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/Sydney Airport etc.
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Year Established 2007 Main Destinations Kuala Lumpur、Beijing、Seoul、Taipei、Sydney etc.


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AirAsia X - Reviews

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ico-campaign-titleAirAsia X - Overview

Air Asia X commenced operations on November 2, 2007 and is a long-haul budget airline based in Malaysia. Air Asia X’s flies from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to destinations within Asia and Australia. Air Asia X is the medium and long-haul operation of a fleet of 31 aircraft and has placed orders for 76 more. Air Asia X claims to have one of the lowest operating costs of any long-haul air ticket around the world, with a cost per available seat-kilometer (CASK) of US $0.0351 in 2015. Air Asia X’s entrance of two new major investors has given the company financial aid for future expansion plans.

ico-pricelist-titleAirAsia X - Checked Baggage / Cabin Baggage

Checked Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of Air Asia X for updated and detailed information for checked baggage.


Cabin Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of Air Asia X for updated and detailed information for carry-on baggage.


ico-campaign-titleAirAsia X- Inflight Services


In-flight meal

Air Asia X Meal selections are subject to variation from time to time for all class air ticket holders. Special dishes are offered such as Thai Green Curry Chicken which infuses authentic Thai spices and ingredients, promising an appetizing spread especially when served with fluffy fragrant white rice. Air Asia X Traditional Malaysian favorite fragrant coconut rice served with Polk Nasser's special chili sambal and tender chicken reading, accompanied with traditional condiments of fried anchovies, crunchy groundnuts and half of a hard-boiled egg. This not only results in a dish that’s bursting with flavor but also a comforting treat to indulge in during your flight. Air Asia X serves broccoli and tender chicken meatballs in a tomato-based sauce. Every Kid’s Meal comes with Ribena.


In-flight entertainment

Air Asia X all class air ticket holders enjoy access to hours of movies, TV series, music, games, and magazines.

AirAsia X- Passengers' Reviews

Experience was a good one

The Air Asia X flight was alright. I had made a special order for an Asian Vegetarian Meal and I liked the food on this airline. On an 8-hour flight, I thought they could have provided a second meal. Instead, they served one sandwich before landing. The in-flight entertainment system was interesting for me. Overall,  their flight was good.

Amazing arrival experience

Amazing arrival experience at Air Asia X Airport. It took us only 15-20 minutes from the plane to the taxi. By the E-gate facility, we passed through passport control within a couple of minutes. By the time we reached the baggage carousel, our baggage was already there.

AirAsia X- Frequently Asked Questions

What is the validity of the air ticket?

An air ticket must be reissued and all travel must be completed within one year from the start date.

Who is eligible to enjoy the miles?

Miles co-branded credit card holders residing in Asia, may redeem miles for rewards on future air ticket purchases.

Can I make a flight change?

No. Changes or cancellations are not permitted once your itinerary is confirmed.

How long is the award air ticket on Air Asia X valid?

Your ticket and itinerary is valid for only the flight you are booked.

Does Air Asia X have any luggage requirement or restriction?

Dangerous goods are items or substances that may endanger the safety of the aircraft or guests onboard.

ico-campaign-titleAirAsia X- Mileage


About mileage program of Air Asia X

Air Asia X has officially launched a loyalty program in November 2011 in Malaysia. Air Asia X Loyalty Program allows all air ticket holders to save points, among other member-exclusive privileges, including 24-hour priority air ticket sale. Air Asia X offers the lowest flight rates across all countries. You get to use Air Asia X Big Points with cash improvements to
achieve your destination. Air Asia X Points earn structure varies by each merchant and the full list of merchants and loyalty points earn structure is available on the website. Air Asia X also retains the discretion to configure a different expiry date for different types of Loyalty Points that
are awarded under a specific to the time instead of 36 months.

ico-campaign-titleAirAsia X- Check-In Procedures


How to check-in

Air Asia X can check in via the web, mobile or kiosk for greater convenience. Air Asia give you the option of checking in from 14 days up to 4 hours before scheduled time of departure for each air ticket holder. The following passengers are not eligible to perform self-check-in; pregnant women, passengers with reduced mobility and/or requires special assistance. Air Asia X printed air ticket boarding pass is not a valid boarding pass. Passengers must visit the document check/baggage drop counters, after which a valid boarding pass will be issued. If you have an Air ticket eligible for E-Boarding Pass with no checked baggage, you can proceed straight to the boarding gate

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