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Airline Name Air Macau Major Routes Macau International Airport⇔Major Airports in Japan/Major Airports in China/Major Airports in Korea/Major Airports in Vietnam/Major Airports in Thailand/Changi International Air Port/Soekarno–Hatta International Airport etc
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Year Established 1994 Main Destinations Macau, Bangkok, Da Nang, Hanoi, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Narita, Kansai etc


Frequent Flyer Program phoenix miles

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ico-campaign-titleAir Macau - Overview

Air Macau was established on September 13, 1994 and inaugurated on November 9, 1995 as an international airline in Macau SAR, Republic of China. Air Macau has a fleet of aero planes, comprised of 10 Airbus A321, 3 Airbus A320 and 4 Airbus A319. Air Macau offers direct flights to Taiwan which has been especially beneficial to Taiwanese businessmen. Now, Air Macau provides direct air tickets to passengers whose travel destination is Macau. Air Macau cabin restoration has been completed with revamped aero planes; the A319 which has 16 business class seats, the A320 which has 20 business class seats, and the 321 which has 24 business class seats.

ico-pricelist-titleAir Macau - Checked Baggage / Cabin Baggage

Checked Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of Air Macau for updated and detailed information for checked baggage.


Cabin Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of Air Macau for updated and detailed information for carry-on baggage.


ico-campaign-titleAir Macau- Inflight Services


In-flight meal

Food aboard any Air Macau flight is usually free on all air ticket and all long distance flight purchases. For first and business class international flights with Air Macau, a cooked breakfast or smaller continental-style breakfast may be served. Air Macau is the only remaining major Macau airline that offers all air ticket holders complimentary in–flight meals on its domestic flights. In-flight set menu is included with the Excellence Fare. This fare includes drink and food, a sandwich or hot dish of your choice to enjoy during the flight. Air Macau also offers each air ticket holder a menu service that allows passengers to enjoy sweet or salty delicacies at any time during the flight. Mouth-watering flavors, artful presentation, comfortable table linen and luxury cutlery make for an unforgettable dining experience with Air Macau. Air ticket holders are also offered a selection of non-alcoholic beverages at any time during their journey. Just sit back and relax with a freshly brewed cup of tea served from an individual china set.

Air Macau- Passengers' Reviews

Friendly staff are smiling

I used Air Macau for a round-trip from Tokyo to Narita. The Air Macau flight was beautifully located. So I enjoyed the scenery at landing and take-off. The staff were smiling. Air Macau airport offered free Wi-Fi for us to use our mobile phones. Other than that it was an OK airport. It would help if it was cheaper with drinks. Overall flight staff behavior was good.

Legroom is so large

I flew business class with Air Macau from Shanghai. The cabin crew was very courteous and smiling. However, I had to ask three times for a pillow, they seemed to forget it, though business class was half full. The food was excellent, better than on other airlines flying this route. I got a
very well-executed dish. The seats were a soft black leather and very comfortable and with having such a big amount of legroom you don't annoy the person behind you when you recline your seat.

Air Macau- Frequently Asked Questions

What does an online air ticket offer?

The online air ticket offers a travel option that enables fully flexible fares and last minute changes/routings on other airlines.

What is an electronic air ticket?

An electronic air ticket is an electronic record that holds the information previously held on a paper ticket and stores it securely on a database.

Are electronic air tickets secure?

The electronic air ticket sits safely on the airline’s secured database.

What is a bar-coded boarding pass?

Bar-coded boarding passes contain a record of the boarding information that was previously recorded on the magnetic strip of old-style boarding passes.

Do I have to pay for security when I fly?

The cost of security is borne by the airlines and is built into the price of your air ticket.

ico-campaign-titleAir Macau- Mileage


About mileage program of Air Macau

Air Macau has developed a special mileage program called the Phoenix Miles, where members can easily earn miles on travelled flights. Members can earn miles by flying with Air Macau or by using the services of air ticket partner hotels, car hire companies or banking corporations. As
soon as a member’s accrued mileage reaches the required level, the member can redeem his reward in the form of a free air ticket or air class upgrades. Phoenix Miles Platinum and Gold compares to Star Gold, and Phoenix Miles Sliver equates to Star Sliver. Members are allowed services and rights as per his/her program status. Air Macau will work with other partners to build a world-spanning route network to give passengers a more enjoyable and hassle-free air ticket.

ico-campaign-titleAir Macau- Check-In Procedures


Counter check-in

Air Macau issues the air ticket in the passenger’s name which may require that a valid ID be presented upon request in the airport. The issued air ticket is valid for one year, provided that no portion of the air ticket is used. A purchased air ticket is not transferable to another person. Passengers must arrive at the airport at least an hour prior to the flight for domestic flights and at least two hours prior to the flight for international flights. Head over to the boarding gate no later than the time specified on the boarding pass and as per one of the representatives at the Air Macau check-in counter. Air Macau has the right to cancel an air ticket if a passenger fails to arrive before the specified closing time of the boarding gate.

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