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China Eastern Airlines - Information

Airline Name China Eastern Airlines Major Routes Shanghai Pudong International Airport⇔Major airports in Japan/Incheon International Airport/Charles de Gaulle International Airport/Abu Dhabi International Airport/Vienna International Airport/Bole International Airport/Los Angeles International Airport etc.
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Established Year 1988 Main Destinations Tokyo, New York, Brisbane, Honolulu, Bangkok, Manila, Moscow, Paris, Rome, London etc.


Frequent Flyer Program Eastern Miles

ico-campaign-titleChina Eastern Airlines - Overview

China Eastern Airlines is China's second largest passenger airline. Founded in 1988 under the former Civil Aviation Association of China, it has its headquarters in China Eastern Airlines Building in Shanghai. China Eastern Airlines currently has its two primary hubs stationed in Shanghai Honqiao International Airport and at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It also has three secondary hubs at Beijing Capital International Airport, Kunming Changshui International Airport and Xi'an Xianyang International Airport. China Eastern Airlines has two subsidiaries, China United Airline and Shanghai Airlines. In 2011, China Eastern Airlines was inducted as a member of the Sky Team Alliance.

ico-pricelist-titleChina Eastern Airlines - Checked Baggage / Cabin Baggage

Checked baggage



Size Total of three sides within 158 cm
Weight Within 23 kg
business class:32 kg
Pieces 2 pieces
First class:3 pieces

Cabin Baggage



size Total of three sides within 115 cm 25cm(A)×45cm(B)×56cm(C)
weight Within 10 kg
pieces 1 piece
First class:2 pieces

ico-campaign-titleChina Eastern Airlines - Inflight Services


Service on board

China Eastern Airlines' tagline when it comes to service is "World Class Hospitality with Eastern Charm". This holds true with a wide range of options, regardless if you have an economy air ticket or a first class air ticket.


In-flight food and entertainment

Passengers have the option to choose between Chinese or Western in-flight food and beverages, as well as a variety of snacks. Special meal arrangements can also be made after air ticket purchase by requesting it through the China Eastern Airlines local office. In-flight entertainment is also available as there is a selection of movies, TV shows, and music as well as electrical outlets available if you need to access your own electronic device.


The service by the airline's flight crew

The airlines' flight crew are accommodating and have good communication skills. Special requests such as wheelchair assistance and assistance for children traveling alone are also accommodated after air ticket purchase and can likewise be coursed through the airlines' local office.

China Eastern Airlines - Passengers' Reviews

Excellent service

I flew in from Shanghai to Chicago non-stop. The service provided by the crew for business class air ticket holders was impeccable. There was also ample legroom in the cabin that helped with the long flight. The food was well-prepared and there was an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to choose from.

Great value for money

It was my first time to fly on China Eastern Airlines. I had an economy air ticket from Shanghai to KualaLumpur, and the staffs were very accommodating throughout the flight. The flight arrived and left on
time and there were no delays. I’m sure to fly with them again!

Food was awesome

We took the China Eastern Airlines form Los Angeles to Shanghai. The food selection was great. Unlike other airlines, the in-flight food was fresh and there were many options to choose from. Will definitely recommend this airline to my colleagues!

China Eastern Airlines - Frequently Asked Questions

Does membership in Eastern Miles have a validity period?

No. Membership is permanent. However, if members wish to terminate their membership for any reason, they can submit a written notice and China Eastern Airlines will assist for the cancellation of membership. All points and privileges, however, will be forfeited.

Can online check in be done on behalf of other people?

Yes. As long as you have the air ticket number and the complete passenger information such as name, passport number and others, you will be able to check in online on behalf of others.

How soon can I check in prior to my departure?

For web check-in, you can check in at least 24 hours prior to your departure. For airport check-in, make sure you check in at least 3-4 hours before departure for international flights and 1-2 hours for domestic or regional flights.

ico-campaign-titleChina Eastern Airlines - Mileage


About mileage program of China Eastern Airlines

Eastern Miles, China Eastern Airlines’ frequent flyer program can be availed of for free by passengers above 12 years old by signing up on the website. An air ticket purchased under China Eastern Airlines'
subsidiaries is also qualified to earn points under this program. Points are not only earned through buying an air ticket, but also by paying using China Eastern Airlines' credit card. Points earned can be used to purchase award air tickets, excess luggage awards and gift awards, among others. Members of can qualify for Elite Status when they meet the point requirements, which are 40,000 points for Silver Elite Status and 80,000 points for Gold Elite Status.

ico-campaign-titleChina Eastern Airlines - Check-In Procedures


Check-in online

Passengers with a valid air ticket can check-in online at the airline's website at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Just access the China Eastern Airlines website at and click on the heading that reads self-service. Key in your air ticket number and your name and follow the instructions. After online check in, checked bags must be deposited prior to the closing of the counters. This option is only available for those holding an electronic air ticket and for passengers without special requests.


Check-in at the airport

Other passengers have to check in personally at the airport at least three hours prior to the departure time.

【United States of America】Lowest Airfares for Flights Departing in January 2018 

Best Airfares by China Eastern Airlines! Top Routes of the Month!

Click the link of the following place name to display the lowest price calendar

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Brisbane (USD1,111〜) Chiang Mai (USD535〜) Ho Chi Minh City (USD487〜) Kota Kinabalu (USD824〜) Phuket (USD626〜) Seoul (USD457〜)

Los Angeles International Airport

Busan (USD453〜) Delhi (USD505〜) Ho Chi Minh City (USD425〜) Jeju (USD840〜) Kota Kinabalu (USD754〜) Manila (USD421〜) Seoul (USD460〜) Yangon (USD499〜)

San Francisco International Airport

Chiang Mai (USD527〜) Dalian (USD966〜) Jeju (USD818〜) Kolkata (USD770〜) Seoul (USD515〜) Singapore (USD511〜)

【United States of America】Direct Flight Routes by China Eastern Airlines departing from the following Airports.

Click on the link of the following place name to display detailed information of the airport

Fly Direct Flights with China Eastern Airlines - John F. Kennedy International Airport

  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport (Shanghai)
  • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (Shanghai)

Fly Direct Flights with China Eastern Airlines - Los Angeles International Airport

  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport (Shanghai)

Fly Direct Flights with China Eastern Airlines - San Francisco International Airport

  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport (Shanghai)
  • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (Shanghai)

Fly Direct Flights with China Eastern Airlines - LaGuardia Airport

  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport (Shanghai)
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