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Airline Flybe Major Routes Main airports in GBR⇔Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport,Dusseldorf Airport,Milano Malpensa AirportAmsterdam Airport Schiphol,Geneva Airport,Jersey Airport,Dublin Airport,Brussels Airport,Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport etc.
・Europe (121 routes)
・British domestic flight (57 routes)
・International flight (18 routes)
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Year Established 1979 Main Destinations British domestic flight, Paris, Lyon, Rome, Milan, Venice, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich, Sofia, etc. About 90 cities in Europe.


Frequent Flyer Program Avios points

Flybe - Overview

1Lowcost career in Great Britain

Flybe is a lowcost British airline with the main base in Birmingham and Manchester. It operates regional flights from and to Great Britain, many of them being domestic connections. Apart from Great Britain, Flybe operates flights to other European destinations as well.

2High quality online ticket portal

Online ticket portal of Flybe airline operates under the address of and it allows for a ticket research, ticket purchase as well as ticket check-in. The Flybe online ticket portal provides all information concerning the flights with Flybe, including the luggage allowance and air security-related information. Frequent flyer program may also be joined via this ticket portal.

3Flexible choice of baggage allowance

Cabin allowance and check-in baggage allowance with Flybe depends on the type of purchased ticket. While the cabin allowance is the same with any type of ticket purchased with Flybe, the baggage allowance is higher with the more expensive tickets. The ticket type may be changed at any point before or after the ticket purchase and before the flight aboard the Flybe airplanes.

Flybe - Checked Baggage / Cabin Baggage

Checked Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of Flybe for updated and detailed information for checked baggage.


Cabin Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of Flybe for updated and detailed information for carry-on baggage.


Flybe- Inflight Services


Seat choice

Flybe airline offers the service of allocated seating with each ticket purchased through the Flybe airline ticket portal or a ticket agent. There is an option of a choice of a seat in advance with certain types of an airfare ticket. Passengers flying with Flybe on a regular ticked are given a seat that the system generates automatically.


Foods and drinks

Foods and drinks are for purchase on the flights with Flybe. The passengers who purchased their air fare ticket within the “Al In” program, are offered complimentary snack and drink on board. Other passenger may choose from a menu which offers a variety of snacks as well as cold and hot drinks during the flight.


On board market

Another service on board the flights with Flybe is the on board market. Passengers are therefore able to purchase a product from a wide variety of cosmetic, beauty and amusement products which are on offer. All these products are presented through a flight magazine which is distributed at the start of each Flybe flight. It is possible to pay be either cash or credit cards for any product purchased during a flight with Flybe.

Flybe- Passengers' Reviews

Visiting Birmingham on a return ticket with Flybe

I visited Birmingham last autumn. Birmingham was one city I had never been to, just never found a cheap airfare ticket for. This time, I stumbled upon the Flybe airline and its online ticket portal and gave it a try. The price of a return ticket to Birmingham from Milan was a great bargain. I was pleasantly surprised that despite a very cheap airfare ticket, the service Flybe provided on board was great. We flew to Birmingham with Southwest Airlines. Since the ticket was not expensive, we decided to upgrade for the first class at the airport. During the check-in, I got a great seat by the window before I printed the ticket. Birmingham is an amazing place and I would love to visit it again if I find a reasonable ticket with Flybe.

Frequent flyer with Flybe

I have already flow with Flybe on many occasions. I always book with Flybe when flying from Milan to Hannover, as this route is not covered by many other airlines and I need to make a business trip to Hannover quite often. Last year, I opted for the Avios frequent-flyer programme which allows me to use my miles to purchase ticket with better ticket prices and gives me other advantages on board Flybe airplanes. On my last trip to Hannover, I used the collected miles to book a hotel as well.

Flybe- Frequently Asked Questions

I have a ticket purchased with Flybe and I need to take two pieces of hold luggage with me. Is it allowed?

Yes, it is allowed to take two items for check-in when flying on a ticket purchased with Flybe. All you need to do is to tick the option “All In” when purchasing the ticket. You can also add the two pieces of luggage before you check-in through the online ticket portal and print your ticket. The prices for the check-in luggage depend on the weight of each of them.

Can I take my dog on my flight with Flybe? Does he need an airfare ticket?

It is possible to take a dog with you when flying with Flybe and the best is to contact the Flybe representative to get the updated information on how to purchase a ticket for your pet to fly with you. Flybe allows pets on board yet restrictions apply. It is advisable to research on the issue before purchasing your airfare ticket.

Are there different ticket types to choose from when flying with Flybe?

Yes, there are three different ticket types the passengers may choose from when flying with Flybe - they are “Just Fly”, “Get More” and “All In”. Each of the ticket type is different in the price and the scope of services Flybe offers. The ticket “Get More” allows the passenger to check in one piece of luggage for free while the ticket “All In” allows two pieces for luggage up to 46 for free while the food and drink on board is also included. The “Just Fly” ticket is the cheapest with no additional services provided.

ico-campaign-titleFlybe- Mileage


About mileage program of Flybe

The Flybe mileage program is called the Avios and Flybe shares this loyalty program with other airlines, such as Iberia, Aer Lingus and British Airways. The passengers can join the Avios program for free and they collect their points with each ticket purchased with Flybe. The points are counted for every British pound spend on a ticket purchase. With “Just Fly” and “Get More” ticket, each pound equals to two points while the “All In” ticket has four points for each pound spent on it. Flybe allows its passengers to spend the points collected by ticket purchase for yet another purchase of a flight ticket, as well as for upgrades and other services.

ico-campaign-titleFlybe- Check-In Procedures



In order to check-in on the Flybe online ticket portal, one has to present the booking reference for his ticket as well as the name. Once this is done, the system gives an opportunity to chose the seat aboard the aircraft as well as additional services including the insurance and accommodation. Then, the ticket is generated and this ticket can either be printed or used in its electronic form.


Check-in at the airport

Check-in at the airport when flying with Flybe is also possible. In this case the passenger waits till he gets to the airport in order to have his boarding ticket issued by the Flybe representatives at the check-in counters. A fee needs to be paid for this service of check-in and ticket printing. Self-service kiosks may be used for printing the Flybe airfare ticket at some of the airports.

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