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Guam Travel Tips and Information


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Official NameTerritory of Guam
Country CodeGU
LanguageEnglish, Chamorro
Country Code (international calls)1671
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The flight time to Guam is approximately 18 hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Guam below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Guam.

Guam is a United States territory located in the western Pacific Ocean. Guam is a popular tropical vacation destination for many of the nearby Asian countries, such as Japan.

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Visa and Immigration Procedures to Guam

To travel to Guam, travelers need a valid passport, a visa and a return or onward air ticket. US citizens do not need a visa to visit Guam but must have their passport. Visitors who are traveling from countries that are not under the U.S. visa waiver program need a visa to enter Guam.

Things/Items Allowed into Guam

Visitors are allowed to bring in without customs duty 200 individual cigarettes and no more than 1 quart of alcoholic beverages.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Guam

• Drugs • Dangerous Weapons • Endangered Plants and Animals

Things/Items Forbidden into Guam

• Drugs • Dangerous Weapons • Endangered Plants and Animals • Pets with no certificate of health

Voice of Travelers to Guam

Vacation trip to Guam

Last year, I took a break from work to make a short trip vacation to Guam. I flew to enjoy scuba diving, skydiving, drive boat tour and ocean kayaking all at Guam. I bought tickets to Guam online after a referral from a friend. Purchasing the ticket online was cheaper compared to visiting the travel agents who sold their ticket more expensive compared to the online ticket. When purchasing a ticket to Guam, it is advisable to purchase your ticket six weeks prior to your departure, the ticket is cheaper during this period. The experience staying and enjoying the activities in Guam was awesome. I came back rejuvenated and I am on course to achieve my target goals in our at my place of work.

Retiring in Guam

I am Johnson initially Honolulu. I have currently retired in Guam after working with the state for more than 20 years. Initially, I searched for a good place when the idea Guam popped in my head. I flew to Guam last summer to search for a good and comfortable housing before relocating. I bought a ticket to Guam online after searching for the cheapest ticket online. Purchasing the ticket online was cheaper compared to visiting the travel agents who sold their ticket more expensive than purchasing the ticket online. When purchasing a ticket to Guam, it is advisable to purchase your ticket weeks prior to your departure, ticket are cheaper during this period and I did take advantage of that. United Airlines offered 5% off their ticket and furthermore contacted FedEX on my behalf for cargo transport purposes and as a result, FedEx charged a lower ticket price to relocate my goods to Guam.

Guam Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's the weather like in Guam?

A. Guam experiences tropical climate with warm temperatures. The dry season in Guam is from December to June and the wet season is from July to November. January and February are the coolest months in Guam with low temperatures of between 21 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Q. When is the best time to visit Guam?

A. The best time to purchase a ticket and visit Guam is between January and May when the weather is cool and dry. Visitors are advised to wear a casual, lightweight attire and to carry a rain jacket and an umbrella during the rainy season.

Guam - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toAntonio B. Won International Airport•Seoul Incheon International Airport (South Korea) •Honolulu International Airport (Honolulu, USA) •Daegu International Airport(South Korea) etc.

Flight Routes to Guam

Antonio Won International Airport, also known as Guam International Airport, is located in Tamuning and Barrigada. United Airlines and Asia Pacific Airlines operate from this airport. The Guam International Airport is the main gateway to the country. There are various airlines that offer direct flights to Guam such as United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Korean Air and more.