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Japan Airlines ロゴ

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

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Japan Airlines- Information

Airline Name Japan Airlines Major Routes Major airports in Japan⇔Major airports in China/Hong Kong International Airport/John F. Kennedy International Airport/Charles de Gaulle International Airport/Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Official Site http://www.jal.co.jp/en/ Check-In Counter


Year Established 1953 Main Destinations New York, Los Angeles, Honolulu, London, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Athens, Rome, Helsinki, Moscow, Budapest, Stockholm, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Phnom Penh, Vancouver, Beijing, Tianjin, Seoul, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney etc.


Frequent Flyer Program JAL Mileage Bank

Japan Airlines - Photo Uploads

ico-campaign-titleJapan Airlines - Overview

Japan Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Japan. Japan Airlines is the second largest airline in the country behind All Nippon Airways. The Japan Airlines headquarters are located in Shinagawa. Japan Airlines has main hubs in Tokyo's Narita International Airport and in the Haneda Airport. JAL was established in 1951 and became the national airline of Japan in 1953. After 30 years of operations, Japan Airlines was privatized in 1987. In 2002, the airline merged with Japan Air System. Japan Airlines then became the third-largest airline in Japan, making Japan Airlines the sixth largest airline in the world by passengers carried. Japan Airlines is an official sponsor of the Japan Football Association, which is Japan’s national football team.

ico-pricelist-titleJapan Airlines - Checked Baggage / Cabin Baggage

Checked Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of Japan Airlines for updated and detailed information for checked baggage.


Cabin Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of Japan Airlines for updated and detailed information for carry-on baggage.


ico-campaign-titleJapan Airlines- Inflight Services


On-board services

On-board services that Japan Airlines offers to its air ticket buyers are among the best in the world. Air ticket buyers can choose between 4 classes of food, including: First class, Business class, Premium Economy class, and Economy class. First class is just what its name says: first in all possible ways. Japan Airlines air ticket passengers all have separated seating for maximum privacy and luxury. As well, Japan Airlines airplanes have state of the art armchairs that can be transformed into a very comfortable bed. Japan Airlines has the most advanced on-board entertainment systems for superb fun and enjoyment while on board.


In-flight meal

Japan Airlines provides an excellent menu with delicious meals that include the following: Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine, A la carte (eat what you want, when you want), and route specific meals. Business class air ticket buyers have nearly the same benefits as those in first class, with the exception of seat size. Premium Economy class and Economy class air ticket buyers are not separated and their food is less unique, but nevertheless delicious.

Japan Airlines- Passengers' Reviews

Japan Airlines are the best

I am a frequent flyer between Tokyo and Paris and vice-verse. I always fly with Japan
Airlines because their flights are smooth, their crew is outstanding, the planes are
clean and fresh, and entertainment system is absolutely the best. So far, I have not
had any problems with any aspect of my flights. Of course, I am recommending Japan
Airlines to everyone I know.

Simply excellent

I was flying from San Francisco to Tokyo. Japan Airlines had great staff and it was a
spotless modern plane. They had great service that was on time and served very
delicious meals. My friend recommended Japan Airlines to me and now, I
recommend Japan Airlines to everyone.

Dream flight

I flew with Japan Airlines from London to Auckland. The service was excellent and
the flight attendants were always there to help and provide drinks. I also must
commend Japan Airlines for the best entertainment system that I have seen. It had all
of the modern communications for excellent comfort and fun.

Japan Airlines- Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my air ticket?

Air tickets can be used only by the passenger whose name the ticket indicates.
In the event of a passenger change, please first get a refund and then purchase a
new ticket. Tickets may not be transferred to third parties and tickets may not be
used by passengers other than those indicated on the air ticket. These restrictions also apply to air tickets purchased through internet auctions. Fraudulent boarding on the plane will incur the prescribed penalty charge.

What is flight ticket validity?

Booked flight tickets are valid only for the flight booked. Tickets that are not booked are generally valid for 90 days from the day of and day after purchase. This does not apply to special-fare tickets or as otherwise prescribed. When replacement tickets are issued in connection with a rebooking, the initial ticket's period of validity will apply.

ico-campaign-titleJapan Airlines- Mileage


About mileage program of Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines offer its air ticket buyers a mileage program called JAL Mileage Bank, or shortened as JMB. Air ticket buyers who choose to become members of JMB can earn mileage points for the following: buying air tickets, buying at partners of JMB, like Amazon, Belle Maison, and over 400 other online stores. Japan Airlines also offers mileage points to air ticket customers who stay at JMB partner hotels, which include over 15,000 hotels around the world. Japan Airlines air ticker purchasers can also earn mileage points for selecting baggage delivery services and other services for a small fee. Some of the most common ways to spend miles you have earned include buying air tickets and upgrading your flight class.

ico-campaign-titleJapan Airlines- Check-In Procedures


Online check-in

Japan Airlines, as all modern airlines, offers its air ticket buyers online and web check-in services. All you need is to have an internet connection and printer so that you can print your air ticket. To be able to use web check-in, Japan Airlines air ticket buyers should check in 2 to 24 hours before their desired flight. Check whether the people you are with is a group less than 10 people and whether you are a passenger with special needs. As well, air ticket buyers can use web check-in even if they have bags to check.


Counter and machine check-in

Japan Airlines also offers more traditional ways to check-in, such as our counter services and auto-check machines.

【United States of America】Lowest Airfares for Flights Departing in June 2019 

Best Airfares by Japan Airlines! Top Routes of the Month!

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Los Angeles International Airport


LaGuardia Airport

Ho Chi Minh City(USD1,247〜)kochi(USD2,807〜)Much(USD2,694〜)

【United States of America】Direct Flight Routes by Japan Airlines departing from the following Airports.

Fly Direct Flights with Japan Airlines - Los Angeles International Airport

  • Haneda Airport (Tokyo)
  • Narita International Airport (Tokyo)
  • Kansai International Airport (Osaka)

Fly Direct Flights with Japan Airlines - John F. Kennedy International Airport

  • Haneda Airport (Tokyo)
  • Narita International Airport (Tokyo)
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