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Kano (Nigeria)

Kano (Nigeria)

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City CodeKAN
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Flight Time15~18 hours
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The flight time to Kano (Nigeria) is approximately 15~18 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Kano (Nigeria).


Kano is the state capital of Kano State in Northern West, Nigeria. Kano is in the Sahelian region, south of Sahara. Kano is the second largest city in Nigeria and a commercial center in Northern part of the country. The climate in Kano is Tropical Savanna climate. Kano is a major center for the production and export of agricultural products. The emir of Kano hosts a Durbar festivals to mark and the two annual Muslim festivals.

Voice of Travelers to Kano

A trip to Kano

I bought a ticket through the Ethiopian airlines for a trip to Kano. It was a nice trip and I had a chance to visit some top sights. Gidan Makama Museum Kano or Kano Museum is a museum in Kano, Nigeria. The building used to be a palace of Kano before the current palace Gidan Rumfa. I enjoyed my time at Kano zoo, a zoo in Kano Nigeria. I saw a beautiful tourist attraction, the Emir's palace in Kano. Gidan Dan Hausa Museum and Kano State Cultural Center is a museum in Kano. Gidan Shatima is also a museum in Kano. I spent my time at Roxy Amusement Park a beautiful park in Kano.

Kano top sights

Kano has a lot of tourist attractions. Tiga dam is an attraction within the state of Kano. Here fishing activities and boating take place. Kano central mosque is within the Emir’s Palace. It's a beautiful architecture constructed in the 15th century. Kurmi market that began during the trans-Sahara slave trade. The local natives in Kano State dyed clothes as their traditional work though it happens even today. The Kano Dala hills are where the first settlers in Kano dwelt when they first arrived the city. There are the Kano city walls constructed in the 14th century. Gidan Nakama house used to be a palace of the emir of Kano but now used as a museum of Kano. Buy a ticket for this and many more attractions in Kano.

Kano Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

can I go to Kano for my holiday?

Kano city is a perfect choice for a holiday. Kano has many attractions and activities to keep the one entertained. All you need is a ticket for a flight to Kano. Be sure of when you want to travel to avoid asking for your ticket refund. The best time to decide about getting a refund is when buying a ticket. It’s good for one to familiarize yourself with the policies of the airline issuing the ticket and take time to select a ticket that suits all your needs at the outset. When buying a ticket, you should always be aware, if your ticket is refundable and under what conditions.

Can I rent a hotel in Kano ?

There are many hotels to rent in Kano including Tahir Guest Palace, Phinas Guest House and much more.

What is an airline ticket?

An airline ticket is a document issued by a travel agency that confirms that one is entitled to seat on a flight. There are two types of airline tickets; paper and electronic tickets. Either ticket is required to obtain a boarding pass and with the ticket and boarding pass at hand one is allowed to board an aircraft. However, the benefit of the e-ticket is that there is no need for one to worry about leaving his ticket behind. This ticket offers many advantages over a paper ticket.

What is the food in Kano like?

Most of the traditional foods of the northerners have very rich and unique taste. It has lot of unique spices like Thai or Indian food and most contain cereal including rice, millet and corn as main ingredients, which are all healthy. They are also served across the area in dining outlets like food courts, hotels, restaurants, canteens and roadside dining shops.

Kano - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport • Cairo International Airport • Addis Ababa Bole International Airport • Murtala Muhammed International Airport • King Abdulaziz International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Kano

You can purchase a direct air ticket to Kano through Egypt Air from Cairo, Ethiopian Airlines from Addis Ababa, Azman Air from Lagos, or Saudi Airways from Jeddah.