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City CodeROR
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Asiana Airlines
  • China Airlines
Flight Time16~21 hours
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The flight time to Koror is approximately 16~21 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Koror.


Koror is the central economic hub of Palau. Koror was the capital city of Palau until 2006 when Melekeok was made the capital. Koror has more than two thirds of Palau citizens. Koror gets its charming beauty from a mix of ancient and modern facilities. Koror links visitors to other islands such as the Rock Islands. The major source of income for Koror is tourism. Top tourists' attractions in Koror include Belau National Museum and Bai, Etpison Museum, and Palau Aquarium. Koror is the ideal destination for scuba divers and nature lovers.

Voice of Travelers to Koror

Getaway in Koror

My sisters and I took our mother to Koror for a relaxing and low key holiday. We traveled by Korean Air. We had a smooth flight, the take off was on time, and we arrived in Koror on time. When we got to Koror, we were awed by the splendor and calmness of the city. The beaches in Koror were very clean. We visited the Belau National Museum and Bai where there were exhibits from all ways of Koror and Palau's life. We also visited Etpison Museum which is just a few minutes from Koror. The museum had a lot of history of Koror and also had a gift shop. My mother loved Koror.

Relaxing holiday in Koror

Last month we visited Koror though for a short stay. We flew with Japan Airline. Their services were superb, and the cabin crew was kind and friendly. They served a good meal and had excellent entertainment. My favorite place in Koror was the Palau Aquarium. We learned a lot about Palau's coral reef ecosystem and participated in a feeding session in the afternoon. We also visited the jelly lake and took a drive across the Japan- Palau Friendship Bridge. Koror was so peaceful and we loved it there. On our last day, we connected to Rock Islands from Koror.

Koror Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I make changes to my ticket reservations?

A. There are changes that you can make the ticket reservations and others that you cannot. For instance, you cannot modify the name, route and dates that are already indicated on the ticket reservation form. Note that a ticket change fee will apply for each ticket that you want to change. Also, some airlines may not allow any ticket changes at all.

Q. Am I allowed to cancel my flight ticket?

A. If you no longer want to travel, you are allowed to cancel your ticket. If you would like to cancel your ticket, please contact us. After the cancellation of your ticket, you may choose to use the value of the ticket for another flight or have the ticket refunded. However, some airlines do not allow ticket refund, and some tickets are not refundable. At the time of ticket cancellation, we will give you more details.

Q. What are the popular attractions in Koror?

A. One of the most famous attractions in Koror is the Jellyfish Lake. The lake has millions of non-stinging jellyfish which are a huge attraction for snorkelers. The Belau National Museum is another popular attraction that has exhibits showcasing the history of Koror and Palau at large. The Dolphins Pacific is another marine attraction where visitors can swim or dive to explore the natural habitat of dolphins. The famous Rock Islands in Koror are also famous to scuba divers for their fascinating collection of limestone and coral reefs.

Q. What is the weather like in Koror?

A. Koror experiences a tropical rainforest climate with very little variation in temperatures throughout the year, hence a suitable holiday destination any time of the year. Temperatures range from 23.32 °C (73.97 °F) to 28.43 °C (83.17 °F). Koror receives a considerable amount of rainfall throughout the year, but February to April is considered the driest time of the year.

Koror - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Roman Tmetuchl International Airport • Yap International Airport • Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport • Haneda Airport • Hong Kong International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Koror

The major routes to Koror are from Yap, Manila, Taiwan, Seoul, Guam, Tokyo and Hongkong. These air routes to Koror are served by major airlines such as Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Japan Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, and Lion Air.