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New Caledonia Travel Tips and Information


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Official Name----
Country CodeNC
Country Code (international calls)687
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The flight time to New Caledonia is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of New Caledonia below. Wishing you pleasant travels to New Caledonia.

New Caledonia is a French territory situated in the southwest Pacific Ocean. The main island of New Caledonia is Grande Terre.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to New Caledonia

British, Australian, Canadian, American, and other European nationals require a passport to travel to New Caledonia, but there is no requirement to get a visa. There are generally two types of visas available for travelers coming from a visa required country. One is a short-stay visa, which costs €9, and the other is long-stay visa, which costs €99. The short-stay visa is valid for up to three months and the long-stay visa is valid for more than three months.

Things/Items Allowed into New Caledonia

Travelers are not allowed to bring dairy, raw meat products, and fruits and vegetables into the country. Travelers aged 18 and older may import without customs duty 1 liter of spirits and 2 liters of wine.

Things/Items Forbidden out of New Caledonia

• Not Specified

Things/Items Forbidden into New Caledonia

• Pets • Dairy, Raw Meat, Fruits and Vegetables • Seeds, Plants, Flowers and Soil • Birds

Voice of Travelers to New Caledonia

Ticket to a perfect flight experience in Aircalin.

I booked a ticket with Aircalin to travel from Tokyo to Noumea. The flight was very punctual, as it departed right on time. I was served with an appetizing cocktail just after my flight took off. After this, my Aircalin flight ticket proved to be worth it, as they served a great French meal. I loved it so much that I just don't have enough words for it. They also provide you with complimentary French wines, included in your flight ticket. My ticket was cheap and the crew was friendly and kind. In my two or three conversations with the flight attendants, they behaved professionally and were quick in their work.

My cheap Air Pass and ticket combo to New Caledonia.

There is an amazing way to reduce your air ticket costs when traveling to New Caledonia: you can use the Air Pass and ticket combo to New Caledonia. I bought a ticket from Air Caledonie, the domestic airline of New Caledonia. Along with my ticket, I also bought an air pass offered by the same airline. With my air pass ticket to New Caledonia, I was able to travel to popular destinations, including many small islands in the area covering New Caledonia at special rates. However, you must note that the air pass and ticket combo is only offered to non-residents who buy an international air ticket to New Caledonia.

I bought an air travel ticket to reach the islands of New Caledonia and it turned out to be a great experience.

New Caledonia lies scattered across the ocean with its different small islands. I had two options for traveling within New Caledonia, either by sea or by buying a plane ticket. I chose the second option. And guess what? Buying the air ticket proved to be fantastic, as air travel is the fastest way to travel within New Caledonia.
I bought a ticket from Air Caledonie to travel from Noumea (Magenta airport) to the main Loyalty Islands (including Ouvea, Lifou, and Mare) and the Isle of Pines. And to move around the Loyalty Islands, I booked a ticket from Air Loyaute airline, which provides inter-island connections. An Air Loyaute ticket is cheap and the flight just takes around 25 to 35 minutes from Lifou.

New Caledonia Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is there to enjoy in New Caledonia?

A. New Caledonia has a wide range of activity options for tourists. For adventurous tourists, snorkeling, horse-riding and hiking are great activities. For culture enthusiasts the museums of New Caledonia are a must-visit, including the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre.

New Caledonia - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toTontouta Airport (Noumea/New Caledonia)・Charles De Gaulle Airport ・Kansai International Airport ・London City Airport ・New Chitose Airport ・Hong Kong International Airport ・Changi International Airport ・Suvarnabhumi International Airport ・Porto Airport etc

Flight Routes to New Caledonia

The main airport of New Caledonia is Tontouta International Airport, which is situated 50 km toward north of Noumea. This airport connects New Caledonia with several major international airports such as Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Auckland, Brisbane, Osaka, Papeete, Melbourne, Fiji, Wallis, Seoul, St. Denis, and Port Vila. The major local airline of New Caledonia is Aircalin and is the national carrier. Other major airlines that fly to New Caledonia include Air France, Qantas, Air Vanuatu, and Air New Zealand. These airlines run frequent flights from Australia and New Zealand.