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Papeete (Tahiti)

Papeete (Tahiti)

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City CodePPT
Popular Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
  • Air Tahiti Nui
  • Air New Zealand
Flight Time8~15 hours
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The flight time to Papeete (Tahiti) is approximately 8~15 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Papeete (Tahiti).

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Contrary to popular belief, Papeete is not a tropical paradise. Papeete is French Polynesia's government center and main industrial port. It has a few sightseeing spots. Its retail and nightlife are present though. The residents speak French and Tahitian most of the time. But, English is also widely spoken. Papeete experiences a tropical monsoon climate. The rest of the year is mostly wet, while the driest months are August and September.

Voice of Travelers to Papeete

Small-town getaway to Papeete is the best break I've ever had

Hello. I'm Rica from New York. I grew up in skyscraper-filled cities. So, when I booked a ticket to Papeete for a quick getaway. I was in love. The place was so beautiful. It's such a small town. Almost everyone knew each other. The few tourist attractions were amazing and refreshing. The small town vibes was very unique and alluring to me. It's something I want to wake up to every morning. Papeete might be a small city, but it's definitely worth a visit. I guarantee you that booking a ticket to Papeete is worth it.

Air France has a good ticket and flight service to Papeete

Hello, my name is Edwin. I'm from Los Angeles. I want to commend Air France for an excellent quality service. I booked a ticket to Papeete with them. The ticket selling system was very fast and efficient. I was comfortable the whole flight. My legs were not cramped up, I had enough leg space to stretch in. The flight attendants were very polite and accommodating. They were quick to respond to all the passengers. In-flight entertainment was nice. Our flight itself was safe and sound. The food I ordered in-flight was delicious. When I visit Papeete again, I will book my ticket with Air France again.

Hawaiian Airlines ticket to Papeete is worth my money

Hi, I'm Alexa from Honolulu. I booked a ticket to Papeete as part of my French Polynesian vacation. I want to comment how satisfied I am with Hawaiian Airlines. They provided good service, the money I paid for the ticket is very much worth it. In-flight food and entertainment was great. The seats and leg space were comfortable enough for me. The flight attendants were very friendly and accommodating. All in all, I was very much satisfied with the whole flight process. I will definitely book my ticket to French Polynesia. And my ticket to Papeete again with Hawaiian Airlines.

Papeete Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book a ticket to Papeete?

Papeete experiences a tropical monsoon climate. The rest of the year is mostly wet. Pepeete is best enjoyed during its drier months. So, it is best to book your ticket to Papeete between August and September. Also, for a better chance at a ticket deal, book the ticket as early as possible.

Which airlines and cities does Papeete have a direct ticket and flight access to?

There are limited airline carriers serving a ticket to Papeete. These are Air Francem Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti, Aircalin, Hawaiian Airlines, and LATAM Chile. Papeete has direct connections to Auckland, Paris, Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Bora Bora. Ticket and flights to Papeete are also available from Tokyo, Easter Island, and Santiago de Chile.

What items and food is Papeete famous for?

Booking a ticket for Papeete, you'd fine that Papeete is a small unique place. Papeete is well-known for its black pearls. Just about every store in Papeete has black pearls both on display and for sale. And, Papeete offers the Roulottes, the famous set of food trucks in the area. It has every cuisine one can ask for, from French to Chinese to Tahitian cuisines.

Planning to book a ticket to papeete. What are the attractions I can visit in Papeete?

Papeete has limited sightseeing places. After booking your air ticket to Papeete, make sure to include these in your itinerary. Papeete is a walking city so attractions are near each other. Go to the Bougainville Park and the Pā'ōfa'i Gardens for nature walks. Visit the Papeete Catholic Cathedral. And see the famous Lagoonarium de Tahiti and Fā'ati City.

Papeete - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Fa'a'ā International Airport ・Narita Airport ・Aéroport Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle ・Los Angeles International Airport ・Auckland International Airport etc

Flight Routes to Papeete

The Fa'a'ā International Airport's located in the island of Tahiti, French Polynesia, France. And, it's 5km southwest from the Papeete city centre. It's also the only airport serving the French Polynesian islands. There are limited airline carriers serving a ticket to Papeete. These are Air Francem Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti, Aircalin, Hawaiian Airlines, and LATAM Chile.