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City CodeRGI
Popular Airlines
  • Air Tahiti Nui
  • Air Tahiti
Flight Time9~17 hours
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The flight time to Rangiroa is approximately 9~17 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Rangiroa.


Rangiroa is a large atoll in the South Pacific. Rangiroa is northwest of Tahiti, which is the only nearby major airport with tickets to the rest of the world. Rangiroa is a part of the overseas collective of French Polynesia. The inhabitants of Rangiroa live on two small islands among the large atoll. Rangiroa has been inhabited for more than one thousand years, and was discovered by Europeans in the 17th Century. Until the airport was built, the primary industry in Rangiroa was fishing, now it is tourism.

Voice of Travelers to Rangiroa

Pearl Diving in Rangiroa Was an Amazing Experience

Like most people, I have often dreamed of a South Pacific getaway, but could never afford the tickets to go. My new husband bought us two tickets for Rangiroa, so that I could fulfill this dream. The flight into Rangiroa on Air Tahiti was very cool on the small plane. The pilot marked out other islands and interesting features as we flew into Rangiroa. The tour guide in Rangiroa that we bought tickets for convinced us to go diving for pearls. It was an incredible experience to go pearl diving in Rangiroa, and well worth the ticket price. I cannot wait until I can afford my next ticket to got pearl diving in Rangiroa again.

Our Fishing Trip to Rangiroa

My friends and I have bought tickets for fishing in a lot of places around the world, but never the South Pacific, so we were extra excited when we got some tickets to fly to Rangiroa. We bought some first class tickets with Air France because we wanted to be comfortable for the long flight to Tahiti before the short flight to Rangiroa. A few of my buddies had never flown on first class tickets before, so they were really impressed by the experience. The fishing in Rangiroa is world class. We bought some charter tickets with a local company, and they showed us all the best places to fish.

Scuba Diving in Rangiroa

Scuba diving is one of my favorite hobbies, and I have flown on tickets to great scuba diving spots in lots of different places. Rangiroa is one of the most popular destinations for scuba diving tickets in the world, and I have planned to visit Rangiroa for many years. I waited until Air New Zealand was having a ticket sale for Rangiroa, and bought myself one economy class ticket for a great price. The flight into Tahiti was not very busy, so I got a lot of attention from the staff. In Rangiroa I bought tickets for a professional scuba diving tour, which is the best way to find the nicest scuba diving spots.

Rangiroa Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many people live on Rangiroa?

A. Rangiroa has approximately five thousand residents on two small islands near the atoll. While the atoll of Rangiroa itself is very large, most of its is not suitable for permanent habitation. All of the tourism industry and tour tickets for Rangiroa are available on these two small islands.

Q. Are there any industries besides tourism on Rangiroa?

A. While tourism is by far the biggest industry on Rangiroa, drawing in visitors with tickets from around the world all year round, there is also fishing and pearl diving. However, fishing and pearl diving on Rangiroa are also major draws for tourism tickets.

Q. What are the accommodations like on Rangiroa?

A. Rangiroa's tourist accommodations are simple yet adequate. There are no fancy hotels on Rangiroa, but everything there is safe, clean and well-maintained. Any choice of accommodation on Rangiroa will be comfortable.

Q. Are there any tickets for tours of Rangiroa?

A. There are a few tickets for tours of Rangiroa that will take travelers to various natural landmarks on the atoll. There are also tour tickets available for activities, such as scuba diving, fishing and pearl diving.

Rangiroa - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Rangiroa Airport ・Tikehau Airport ・Fa'a'ā International Airport ・Bora Bora Airport etc

Flight Routes to Rangiroa

All international tickets for Rangiroa must first pass through Tahiti before continuing on their final ticket to Rangiroa. International tickets for Tahiti most often come through Los Angeles, Auckland or Paris. Other nearby islands and atolls also offer tickets for Rangiroa, but travelers must also pass through on tickets to Tahiti before reaching these nearby destinations.