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City CodeSPN
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Shandong Airlines
Flight Time14~20 hours
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The flight time to Saipan is approximately 14~20 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Saipan.


Saipan is one of the island in Pacific Ocean forming the Northern Mariana Islands. Saipan is the largest island and has a population of over 48,000 residents. The island is located 190 km north of Guam and 9 km northeast of Tinian. The island is lined with sandy beaches and coral reefs which make large lagoons in the region.

Voice of Travelers to Saipan

Holiday rest in Saipan.

I am Steve, a graduate student at the University of Hong Kong. Last fall, I took a break from school work and decided to visit my childhood friend who had relocated to Saipan. I bought my ticket online after a referral from a family friend on where to get the cheapest ticket to Saipan. The cheapest ticket to Saipan was by Asian Airlines compared to ticket by other airlines.The airlines was a pet friendly and accepted vaccinated cats and dogs thus I bought a ticket for my cat Homley. As a student with a travel ticket, the airline allowed free check-in for the first and second bags and only charged for the third bag. Asian Airlines is not my regular travel airline but the travel experience with the airline to Saipan was generally awesome. I am planning to travel to Saipan again this summer for my friend birthday party before resuming studies and from the previous travel experience, I am certainly buying Asian Airlines to Saipan.

Birthday Celebration in Saipan

I am Jennifer from Liverpool. I celebrated my birthday in Saipan. Last year. I wanted an adventure on my birthday and started planning and timed for the cheapest ticket to Saipan. I searched online for the cheapest ticket weeks prior my departure to Saipan. Ticket to Saipan is cheaper six weeks before your travel time and it is advisable to purchase your ticket six weeks before traveling. On ticket comparison, cheapest ticket to Saipan was by British Airways, they were offering a 5% off their ticket for any ticket bought that month. Even though, the flight was short, their flights attendants were friendly and offered great travel experience that I guess was satisfying to everyone.

Saipan Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best time to visit Saipan?

A. The best time to purchase a ticket and visit Saipan during the dry season from June to December. Visitors who want to avoid crowds, should consider travelling during the off-peak period and during the holidays.

Q. What is the best airline to get to Saipan?

A. The best airline to Saipan is an airline that gets you there without delays and layovers at the best ticket price. If travelling from other parts of Europe, Alitalia has direct flight ticket to Saipan. Some Asian Airlines also do offer direct flight ticket to Saipan.

Q. How is Saipan weather like?

A.Saipan experiences tropical maritime climate influenced by trade winds blowing from northeast. Saipan has the leasdt temperature variations in different seasons and the site has been nominated as in the Guiness world record book as a city with less or relatively no temperature variation. The rainy season in Saipan is from July to November while the dry season is from June to December.

Q. What are the outdoor activities to do in Saipan?

A. Saipan is famously known for its sandy beaches. If you want to enjoy snorkeling, swimming, beach comb and picnicing, Lau Lau beach is the place to visit. Located on southeastern part of Saipan, Lau Lau beach is one of the popular attractions in Saipan and is an ideal beach for beginners or people interested on learning on how to swim or snorkel. The beach is home to several butterflies fish, stone fish, octopuses and other fascinating features.

Saipan - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Saipan International Airport ・Narita International Airport ・Hong Kong International Airport ・Ninoy Aquino International Airport ・Guam International Airport etc

Flight Routes to Saipan

Saipan International Airport is a commercial service airport located in Saipan Island serving the residents of Saipan and its environs and supports all year round activities. The airport is a gateway to Saipan and one can travel to Saipan using Asian Airlines, United Express or Delta Air Airlines with the requirements being a valid passport, a visa if you don't qualify for a visa waiver and a ticket. One can purchase a ticket to Saipan online or visit travel agents by themselves to purchase the ticket.