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United States Virgin Islands Travel Tips and Information

United States Virgin Islands Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameThe Virgin Islands of the United States
CapitalCharlotte Amalie
Country CodeVI
LanguageEnglish (with a local dialect), Spanish, French
Country Code (international calls)1-340
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The flight time to United States Virgin Islands is approximately 6 hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of United States Virgin Islands below. Wishing you pleasant travels to United States Virgin Islands.

The Virgin Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean and are a territory of the United States. The Virgin Islands are located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to United States Virgin Islands

Citizens of most western countries are not required to obtain a visa but must have a passport to enter the Virgin Islands (if their stay is less than 90 days). They will also be asked to show their driving license and proof of citizenship. For all other nationals that are not from visa exempt countries, they must obtain a visa. Please contact a US embassy or consulate.

Things/Items Allowed into United States Virgin Islands

According to the United States Virgin Islands' laws, travelers may bring 1 liter of wine or hard liquor, $100 worth of gifts, 200 individual cigarettes and 100 cigars.

Things/Items Forbidden out of United States Virgin Islands

・Fruits and Vegetables

Things/Items Forbidden into United States Virgin Islands

・Meat Products ・Medication ・Narcotics

Voice of Travelers to United States Virgin Islands

My unlucky ticket to United States Virgin Islands

I am Pablo, and I live in Puerto Rico. I always had a dream to see the Virgin Islands and I was saving money to buy a ticket. I managed to save up enough and then found a reasonably cheap ticket. However, I could not even imagine that so many things could happen to prevent my trip to the Virgin Islands! First of all, my best friend had a terrible accident: he was in hospital and it did not look good. I had to return my ticket and cancel my trip to the Virgin Islands. After a month he recovered, so I bought another ticket to the Virgin Islands for the following week. Five days later my grandmother died. I had to return my ticket again. For a third time I bought a ticket to the Virgin Islands! This time I swore I would leave, whatever happened, and luckily nothing happened. The ticket was with US Airways, and I’ve always enjoyed flying with them. I had a wonderful time in the Virgin Islands; it was everything I’d dreamed of. There were only two days left of my visit to the Virgin Islands, when I got a call from my father. My mother had fallen and broken her leg. It was an unlucky ticket after all!

Ticket full of memories to United States Virgin Islands

Hello, I’m Paula from New York. I first visited the Virgin Islands when I was little, and now it’s my favourite holiday destination. Each year I intend to go somewhere different, and I end up buying a ticket to the Virgin Islands. I have such sweet memories of the Virgin Islands with my family. Unfortunately I lost most of my family members around 10 years ago. Maybe that is the reason I only want to buy my ticket to the Virgin Islands. My last visit was actually my favourite, about 3 months ago. I bought my ticket to the Virgin Islands through Continental Airlines. The flight was very pleasant and quiet. A few days after I arrived in the Virgin Islands, I was walking by myself, and bumped into some old friends. We had a great evening full of laughter and memories. I came back promising to return there again soon, and I’ve bought another ticket already! I feel closer to my family when I am in the Virgin Islands. I think the ticket price is worth it. And I hope that one day I will not need a ticket to get to the Virgin Islands anymore, because I will be living there.

United States Virgin Islands Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the weather like in the Virgin Islands?

A. The weather is very warm in the Virgin Islands, year round. The average temperature in the Virgin Islands' winter is 25ºC, and the average temperature in summer is 28ºC. There is very little variation in seasonal temperature and the humidity is relatively low as well.

United States Virgin Islands - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toCyril E. King Airport・Miami International Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights toHenry E. Rohlsen Airport・Rafael Hernández International Airport (Puerto Rico) etc.

Airports handling direct flights toCharlotte Amalie Harbor Seaplane Base (St. Thomas SPB) (Private use airport)・John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York) etc.

Airports handling direct flights toChristiansted Harbor Seaplane Base (Private use airport)・Los Angeles International Airport (California) etc.

Flight Routes to United States Virgin Islands

Major airlines offering flights to the Virgin Islands include American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and United Airlines.Direct flights into St. Thomas can be found from Chicago, Washington, Miami, Boston, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and New York and Ft. Lauderdale. Direct flights into St. Croix can be found from Miami, Atlanta and Charlotte.