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  • New York (John F. Kennedy International Airport)

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Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways

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Uzbekistan Airways- Information

Airline Name Uzbekistan Airways Major Routes Yuzhniy Airport⇔John F. Kennedy International Airport/London Heathrow Airport/Dubai International Airport/Suvarnabhumi International Airport/Beijing Capital International Airport/Narita International Airport etc.
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Year Established 1992 Main Destinations New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Rome, Milan Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Sharjah Delhi, Amritsar Sar, Kiev, Sinfarole, Riga, Almaty, Astana, Bishkek, Baku, Beijing, Seoul, Bangkok, Dubai etc.


Frequent Flyer Program Uz Air Plus

Uzbekistan Airways - Photo Uploads

ico-campaign-titleUzbekistan Airways - Overview

Uzbekistan Airways operates under Uzbekistan airways, headquartered at Tashkent. It offers both domestic and international flights. An air ticket will take you as far as Asia, Europe, North America, or Africa.
Uzbekistan Airways was created in 1992 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. After eight years, the airline had 16,296 employees and the fleets had grown to 17 planes. Uzbekistan Airways focuses on serving passengers from Western European and does not have alliances with other airlines, though several airlines have codeshare agreements with Uzbekistan Airways.

ico-pricelist-titleUzbekistan Airways - Checked Baggage / Cabin Baggage

Checked Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of Uzbekistan Airways for updated and detailed information for checked baggage.


Cabin Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of Uzbekistan Airways for updated and detailed information for carry-on baggage.


ico-campaign-titleUzbekistan Airways- Inflight Services


Service on-board

Uzbekistan Airways offers excellent services on board. Your air ticket comes with online cargo tracking, which has improved convenience in cargo handling. Travelling on Uzbekistan Airways is luxurious. The mode of transport is fast and safe. On-time filling entertainment is offered by Uzbekistan Airways, the services ranging from
Sweet and soothing music.
Videos and films like “Stranger,” “Suyunchi,” and “Loving Ones,” among others.
Newspapers and magazines.
Delicious meals.
An air ticket for business class offers passengers a free of charge iPad with a power supply unit. Uzbekistan Airways has seats fixed with every facility required to entertain the passenger.
Uzbekistan Airways have on-board professional cooks who produce high quality food. Passengers have an opportunity to order a special meal suitable for their age and religious affiliations. There are also special menus for kids.

Uzbekistan Airways- Passengers' Reviews

Fantastic Trip

I bought an air ticket with Uzbekistan Airways from Tashkent to London. How wonderful it was! I chose to fly business class. The facilities were excellent, and I was provided with an iPad throughout the flight. The music was awesome. I particularly liked their range of music. I chose my favorite. The air ticket was worth it.

Excellent service on board

An flight to Cairo from Tashkent was one among many that I cannot forget. It was a great experience. The air ticket booking was swift. I got onto the Uzbekistan Airways web check-in. The air ticket guaranteed me a special meal. I am a vegetarian and for sure the meal was sumptuous and memorable. I arrived at the airport and caught the flight in time. The welcoming smiles from the flight attendants were so warm. Consistent attention was given with frequent checking on our comfort. Uzbekistan Airways is the best.

Uzbekistan Airways- Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get information on Uzbekistan routes and schedules?

You can log onto the Uzbekistan Airways website and go to Flight map and schedules. We have information on flights, fares, and reservation conditions. Get in contact with our representative offices at Uzbekistan Airways in your country for more information.

Does Uzbekistan Airways have a contingency plan for tarmac delay for flights to/from the US?

Yes, we do have a contingency plan. We try to avoid delays, although some situations like weather, visibility, airport conditions, among others, are uncontrollable. However, Uzbekistan Airways ensures the following: (1) The aircraft does not remain on the tarmac for more than 4 hours, (2) Passengers are notified every 30 minutes for any delay and the cause of it.
Any delay past 2 hours, Uzbekistan Airways provides drinks/snacks, checks that the lavatory is operable, provides first aid and other routine medical services if need be and assists passengers to deplane safely to a terminal or to other facilities. Uzbekistan Airways is there for you. Get your air ticket now!

ico-campaign-titleUzbekistan Airways- Mileage


About mileage program of Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways maintains the loyalty of its passengers by using a mileage program. Any air ticket purchase puts you in a bonus table where you obtain a bonus air ticket on Uzbekistan Airways flights. Passengers are offered awards called UZAirPlus, and there are different card levels: Gold, Silver, and Premium. Members of the family for the card owner may also enjoy the privileges, including husband, wife, and children older than 2 years but younger than 16 years. Owners of Gold and Silver cards are given additional privileges provided they have active points and purchase an air ticket consistently.

ico-campaign-titleUzbekistan Airways- Check-In Procedures


Check-in for international flight

With your air ticket, arrive at least 3 hours before your departure time for international flights. The baggage is checked 40 minutes before departure. 40 minutes before the departure time, Uzbekistan Airways closes its check-in counters.


Check-in for domestic flight

For domestic flights on a…
Boeing -767/757, A320, always arrive 3 hours before departure
IL-114, always arrive 2 hours before flight departure.
All check-in is complete and closed 20 minutes before departure.
To get your air ticket online, choose the online check-in option and print your boarding pass. The air ticket will help you check in your luggage in advance too.

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【United States of America】Direct Flight Routes by Uzbekistan Airways departing from the following Airports.

Fly Direct Flights with Uzbekistan Airways - John F. Kennedy International Airport

  • Tashkent International Airport (Tashkent)
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