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City CodeACC
Popular Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • British Airways
Flight Time10~14 hours

The flight time to Accra is approximately 10~14 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Accra.

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Accra is the capital city of Ghana. It has an estimated urban population of 2.27 million as of the year 2012. It is also the capital of the Greater Accra Region and of the Accra Metropolis District. Accra stretches along the Ghanaian Atlantic Coast and extends to the North Inland. Accra occupies an area of 173.67 squared kilometers. Accra served as the capital of British Gold between 1877 and 1977. Accra was established in the year 1877.

Voice of Travelers to Accra

Trip to Accra

I like travelling so much that twice a year I have to acquire a ticket to another country. The last time I acquired an air ticket was to go to Accra. I do not know the reason why I choose to get a ticket heading to Accra but I was not disappointed. I got a return ticket to Accra from an online website. The city was full of like, I enjoy boat riding, swimming in the beach and tasting an array of new foods.

Fashion tour to Accra

The college of Fashion from Nigeria had us travelling to Accra which is a main centre for African traditional fabrics and fashion. Accra is a beautiful town full of colorful people in loud shouting dresses. The people of Accra were too friendly and treated us as their own. We had traveled to the city using . The return ticket to head back home was by Emirates. We all had a great time in Accra where we met incredible fashion designers and had the opportunity to buy the best fabrics for our presentations in school. We ate a lot of fufu while in Accra and learnt a whole load of information about design. I will definitely get my ticket back to Accra.

Accra Travel FAQs

What is the best time to visit Accra?

A. If you are planning a trip to Accra you have to check the weather and seasons so as to have a great trip. Accra being in Africa almost has the best weather all year through. The best time get your ticket is anytime throughout the year. The city of Accra has an average temperature of 22 degrees celsius. Accra does not have extreme temperatures as other cities do, anytime is great time to get your ticket.

Q. What are the most popular hotels in Accra?

A. there are many hotels in Accra. some of the most popular ones include The African Regent hotel, Highgate Hotel, Coconut Grove Regency Hotel,Golden Tulip Acacia , Alisha Hotel among others. Once you acquire the air ticket you have an array of hotels to choose from.

Q. What are the things to do in Accra?

A. Accra is not a major tourist destination. It is however a great stop if one needs to have the African experience in their lives. The city is full of life and a great change of environment if one wishes to experience new things. the major places to go to while in Accra include Accra slavery museums, Accra architecture and neighbourhoods and the Nubuke Foundation. If you have already bought your ticket here make sure to pack a pair of swim wear. Accra has great beaches that one must not miss if you aren't=headed there. Bask in the sun, try out new foods, buy African attire from the vendors all over the city and you will have an experience of a lifetime.

Accra - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Kotaka International airport ・Jomo kenyatta International airport ・Capetown International Airport ・Cairo International Airport

Flight Routes to Accra

There are many airlines that will lead you to Accra. The major airlines include British Airways, Kenya airways, Ethiopian airlines, South African airlines and Egyptair. Sky scanner enables you to find the cheapest air ticket. Kotoka International airport which is in Accra can be accessed by the above listed airlines. The main airport is ten kilometers from Accra. You can get your one way ticket or return ticket when heading to Accra from several sources. A ticket to Accra can be acquired from many sources. Get a return ticket at once in order to get discounts.