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City CodeAMM
Popular Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Etihad Airways
Flight Time11~15 hours

The flight time to Amman is approximately 11~15 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Amman.

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The city of Amman is the economic, cultural, and political capital of Jordan. Based on a 2016 estimate, Amman has a population of over four million, making Amman the largest city in the country. Located in North Central Jordan, Amman is recognized as one of the most westernized Arab cities. With more than two million visitors booking a ticket to Amman, the city is considered as the 93rd most visited city in the world. Amman got its name from Ammonites which called the place "Rabbath Ammon."

Voice of Travelers to Amman

Exploring the Roman Theater in Amman

I am Alexis from Rome. Being a fan of old buildings, I have enjoyed travelling and exploring my own city and nearby cities. However, I discovered a famous landmark similar to our local attractions somewhere in Amman, Jordan. Without any hesitation, I booked a ticket to Amman via Alitalia. Basing from my on board experience, I think that my ticket was worth it because the services provided by the staff, and their amenities in general, are top notch. When I have arrived at Amman, I quickly strolled around the city before proceeding to the main reason why I booked a ticket to Amman in the first place: visit the Roman Theater. The theater was really fascinating. What interests me more is that it’s still functional. They say that a few concerts are still held on the theater. I enjoyed my trip to Amman. I would surely book a ticket back to Amman next time.

Discovering the past at Amman

I am Zara from Chicago. My sister secretly booked us a ticket for an Amman tour. When I discovered about it, she has already packed our bags. She was able to book a ticket via Royal Jordanian. The airline was great, the staff were always present to attend to our needs. Plus our flight itself flew smoothly. I did not have any problem. When we have arrived at Amman, I was so fascinated by the place. Our Amman tour included several attractions all over the city. One of which was touring around museums. We were able to avail of a ticket to enter the Jordan Museum. The museum itself is interesting. A lot of interesting arts from prehistoric times were also present. A lot of traditional artifacts were also present, I enjoyed my stay at the Jordan Museum. Every penny spent on our ticket was worth it. Thank you Amman.

Amman Travel FAQs

Q. How do I book a ticket to Amman?

A. You may be able to avail of a plane ticket to Amman by doing any of the following. First, you purchase a ticket to Amman from selected airlines that that are stationed in nearby airports. In certain instances, such airlines may not have an available ticket for a direct flight to Amman. In such case, you can still avail of a ticket to Amman but through a connecting flight. If a ticket may still be unavailable, you may ask assistance from travel agencies on how to get a ticket to Amman.

Q. Do I need a visa to enter Amman?

A. Besides a plane ticket and a valid passport, a visa may be required from those who wish to enter Amman, Jordan. Jordanian residents – together with other citizens from Egypt and Kuwait, among others – may be able to book a ticket to Amman without applying for a visa. Citizens from other countries such as United States and China may book a ticket to Amman and avail of a visa upon arrival. For citizens from countries such as Vietnam and Colombia, a visa is required. They may avail of one by complying with diplomatic mission requirements.

Q. What are good attractions in Amman?

A. When booking a ticket to Amman, it is essential to note several attractions to visit. On top of the list to visit is the Citadel which is found on top of the highest hill in Amman. Another significant attraction in Amman would be the Roman Theater. You may also avail of a ticket to visit attractions such as Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts and Jordan Museum where beautiful exhibits and artifacts are displayed. Other attractions include Cave of Seven Sleepers and the King Abdullah Mosque.

Amman - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Queen Alia International Airport ・Athens International Airport ・Fiumicino Airport ・Cairo International Airport ・Dubai International Airport ・Hong Kong International Airport etc

Airports handling direct flights to Amman Civil Airport ・King Hussein International Airport ・Sabiha Gökçen International Airport ・Dubai International Airport ・Kuwait International Airport etc

Flight Routes to Amman

When booking a ticket to Amman, it is essential to note the air routes going to and from the city. Several cities may be able to book a ticket to Amman via Royal Jordanian. These cities include Vienna, and New York City. Other international airlines that book a ticket to Amman include Air France, Air Arabia Jordan, and flydubai. You may also book a ticket for seasonal flights to Amman via Jordan Aviation and Royal Wings.