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Airline Name Bahamasair Major Routes Lynden Pindling International Airport ⇔ Miami International Airport/BWI Airport/Santo Domingo Airport/Providenciales Airport/Havana Airport etc.
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Year Established 1973 Main Destinations Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Louisville, Baltimore, Richmond, Havana, Santiago de los Caballeros, Santo Domingo, Turks and Caicos Islands, Providenciales, Bahamas, Arthur's Town, Cat Island etc.


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ico-campaign-titleBahamasair - Overview

Bahamasair is headquartered in Nassau, and is legally known as Bahamas Airline Holdings Limited. Schedules from its base at Lynden Pindling International Airport operate service to 32 domestic and regional destinations using a small fleet of eight planes through the Caribbean and the United States. Bahamasair was founded in 1973 and began its operations on June 17th, 1973. Henry Woods is the managing director of the airlines. The Bahamas government is the top shareholder of the company, holding 51% of the shares.

ico-pricelist-titleBahamasair - Checked Baggage / Cabin Baggage

Checked Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of Bahamasair for updated and detailed information for checked baggage.


Cabin Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of Bahamasair for updated and detailed information for carry-on baggage.


ico-campaign-titleBahamasair- Inflight Services


Service on-board

Bahamasair offers comfortable economy class seats with the latest in flight entertainment. Light snacks and hot meals are served on all flights, along with a wide selection of fine wines and alcoholic beverages. The Bahamas national dish is also served in style. Cloud Nine air ticket buyers can order according to their special dietary, nutritional, or religious reasons on Bahamas air Airline flights.

Bahamasair- Passengers' Reviews

Wonderful experience

The flights here are very comfortable and give the best service that the Bahamas have ever seen.The drinks and meals served were healthy and energizing. They had a good sense of aroma.

Good service

The flight services from the airport to my destination were explicit. I enjoyed all steps along the way and the top security provided more so, in handling the luggage.I liked how the hostesses could approach you and ask what you could take.

Bahamasair- Frequently Asked Questions

What is the compensation if I denied flight?

Travel vouchers and confirmed flights are given to air ticket buys if they arrive late or there is excess reservation.

Why I am not eligible for delayed or cancelled flight compensation?

Because the planes operate by a strict schedule to satisfy the needs of the serious, air ticket buyers on board, eligibility for compensation for flight delays is denied.

How does a customer buy Bahamasair air tickets?

Air tickets can be purchased online or at the airport. On the online portal, a passenger can access air tickets through any gadget that can be used online.

What should I not carry with Bahamasair ?

The airline restricts lethal weapons or any luggage that could expose passengers to danger while onboard.

How are people with disabilities treated?

Disabled individuals are provided with facilities that make them comfortable while onboard.

Are animals allowed on board?

Animals are allowed on Bahamasair flights under some conditions. There is a separate transport for animals.

ico-campaign-titleBahamasair- Mileage


About mileage program of Bahamasair

The mileage program, also known as the Frequent flyer program, is customer-oriented. It provides air ticket buyers with a list of airplane programs for convenience. The customers who join the Bahamasair mileage program gain points with each air ticket they buy. The mileage program covers North America with 11 destinations, Central America and the Caribbean region with 11 destinations, South America with 21 destinations, Europe with 88 destinations, the Middle East with 30 destinations, Africa with 22 destinations, and Oceania with 16 destinations.

ico-campaign-titleBahamasair- Check-In Procedures


About check-in

Air ticket holders must check-in for both domestic and international flights. Domestic flights require passengers to be at the airport 45 minutes before departure because they close the plane’s door at that time. Passengers on international flights must check-in two hours before departure. There are tough restrictions for on-board weapon carriages. One must give concrete ideas and certificates if they want to travel with their personal weapon like a gun.

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