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Bermuda Travel Tips and Information

Bermuda Travel Tips and Information

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Official Name----
Country CodeBM
Country Code (international calls)1-441

The flight time to Bermuda is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Bermuda below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Bermuda.

Bermuda is a British overseas territory located off the east coast of the United States.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to Bermuda

All foreign travelers to Bermuda must carry a valid passport at all times during their stay. Residents of the United States, United Kingdom and Canada are not required to have a visa for their stay in Bermuda. Nationals from all other countries must obtain a valid visa before departure.

Things/Items Allowed into Bermuda

Travelers are allowed to bring into Bermuda 200 individual cigarettes, 50 cigars, 1 liter of wine and 1 liter of spirits. Other items include personal effects such as clothing.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Bermuda

•Drugs •Firearms •Protected Species

Things/Items Forbidden into Bermuda

•Drugs •Firearms •Plants and Animals

Voice of Travelers to Bermuda

Bermuda for Sun, Fun and Gambling

Bermuda is famous for offering some of the best casinos and gaming houses in North America. It is also very convenient in that a ticket to Bermuda is much cheaper than a ticket to the Caribbean because Bermuda is so much closer to major hub airports in North America. We were able to get first class tickets to Bermuda from Delta Airlines for a very low price. We wanted to make our entire trip to Bermuda luxurious, and flying on first class tickets to Bermuda was a great start. It was a short flight, so we only had lunch on the plane to Bermuda, but the quality of a lunch for a first class ticket is amazing. Next we hit the casinos in Bermuda and gambled for 3 days straight. I ended up winning a lot of money, so I paid for some high class tour tickets around Bermuda's beautiful sites.

Our Family Getaway in Bermuda

Bermuda has been my family's getaway for generations now. We own a small beachfront property in Bermuda that we try to visit each summer. It can be expensive to visit Bermuda, so we always wait for cheap tickets to go on sale. This year we found a very good deal on tickets with American Airlines. The flight to Bermuda is short and the planes are smaller, so the whole family had a good time for the price of their tickets to Bermuda. Once we arrived, we headed straight for the family cabin on Bermuda, and we spent two whole weeks just being together as a family. It was a glorious time and we all cannot wait until there are more cheap tickets to Bermuda again so that we can have another amazing Bermuda family vacation.

A Quick Trip to Bermuda Is the Ticket to Relaxation

Whenever I get stressed from my demanding corporate job, I know that the ticket to relaxation is a quick trip over to Bermuda. I watch airline ticket prices for any cheap deals on tickets to Bermuda. Whenever an airline is offering a cheap ticket, I buy it right away and pack my bags for a little Bermuda relaxation. The last trip I took was on a United Airlines ticket leaving out of Boston. The flight to Bermuda is short, so even on a cheap economy class ticket, I had a relaxing flight with great service. Once I landed in Bermuda, I bought a cheap shuttle ticket right to my hotel on the beach. Then it was just hot sun, cool water, and fruity drinks all weekend: the ticket to total relaxation.

Bermuda Travel FAQs

Q. What is there to see in Bermuda?

A. Whether you like learning about the local history or visiting gorgeous natural attractions, there is something for everyone. Some of the best and most popular attractions are the Bermuda Crystal Caves, the National Museum of Bermuda, Dolphin Quest, the Bermuda Gardens, and the Bermuda Forts.

Q. What activities can be enjoyed at Bermuda resorts?

A. Activities that can be enjoyed and experienced at the resorts include snorkeling, golfing, wreck diving, shopping, horseback riding, parasailing, fishing, boating, and much more.

Bermuda - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toL.F. Wade International Airport•Toronto Pearson International Airport •Miami International Airport •La Guardia Airport •Logan International Airport •London International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Bermuda

Direct flights to Bermuda are available from the United States, Canada and the UK. From the US, major airlines such as American Airlines, Delta and United offer direct flights from cities like Atlanta, Boston, Newark, New York, Philadelphia and Washington. Direct flights from Canada are from Toronto and British Airways has flights from London to Bermuda.