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Cordoba (Argentina)

Cordoba (Argentina)

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City CodeCOR
Popular Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Gol Intelligent Airlines
Flight Time12~15 hours
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The flight time to Cordoba (Argentina) is approximately 12~15 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Cordoba (Argentina).

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Cordoba (Argentina)

Cordoba is the capital of the Cordoba province. Cordoba is also the second most populous city in Argentina. Cordoba is located in the plainsof Humid Pampa, to the east of Cordoba hills. The National University of Cordoba is the largest university in the country. Cordoba has many historic monuments preserved from Spanish colonial rule. There are buildings like the Roman Catholic church and the Jesuit block. Cordoba is also known for its historic movements, like Cordobazo. Cordoba was the epicenter of a movement known as university reform. The climate of Cordoba is subtropical, with four marked seasons.

Voice of Travelers to Cordoba (Argentina)

Attractions in Cordoba

I booked my online ticket from Brazil through La Tam airlines for a flight to Cordoba. My friend suggested that we spend our December holiday at this great city of Cordoba. Cordoba is a place of many attractions. We learned about history and culture at the Jesuit block and Estancias of Cordoba. We went to Cordoba Sarmiento park, a spacious, landscaped park with picnic areas. We saw the elaborate 18th century cathedral of Cordoba. We saw the Cordoba Evita Fine Arts Museum, featuring Argentine painters. A large museum with classic and modern arts was available at the Cordoba Carraffa Fine Arts Museum. We visited the historic Jesuit block at Manzana Jesuitica.

On board services to Cordoba

I booked my online ticket for a flight to Cordoba from Santiago through Sky airlines. All the passengers boarded the flight. Next to me was a man who began a conversation with me. He asked me how one books a ticket for a flight, as his brother booked one for him. I explained to him that there are two different types of tickets: paper tickets and electronic tickets. The man was happy to hear of electronic tickets. This was what his brother applied for, and we had a great conversation. We experienced first class service onboard from the cabin crew. This lifted the spirits of every passenger until we landed at Cordoba.

Cordoba (Argentina) Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my name after the ticket confirmation?

When one is booking an air ticket, be very careful. Names are not changed after the ticket confirmation. One should also make sure that names on the ticket match original travel documents. This should happen before confirming your ticket booking. It's a good idea to book tickets early. Also ensure that the ticket details are correct. Book your ticket early - either a physical ticket or online ticket. Ensure that the details are correct as well.

What are the advantages of electronic ticket?

There are different types of electronic tickets. You can get electronic tickets from major airlines. They allow one to travel without a paper ticket. With this ticket, there is no need for one to worry about leaving their ticket behind. These tickets offer many advantages including security, flexibility and cost. Electronic tickets are also helpful, as they are hard to lose, unlike paper tickets. The tickets stay in a computer database, and for this reason no one can steal them. It's advisable for one to buy electronic tickets, as they have many advantages over paper tickets.

What is the appropriate time to book a ticket?

One should book a ticket when you need it. It's advisable for one to buy a ticket two to four months before you fly; research shows that at this time, you are likely to find the lowest price for your tickets. Fares tend to rise when you are close to your deperture date. It also allows you to know that the seats will be available, and sometimes to choose the most appropriate seat for you. I would advise anyone willing to book a ticket to do so as early as possible, either a hand ticket or online ticket.

Is Cordoba a visually attractive city?

If you are a fan of architecture, then you will love Cordoba's beautiful traditional Spanish buildings. Historical monuments and other forms of historical art are plentiful in Cordoba. It's many roads and bridges are beautifully constructed and are wonderful to simply admire. However, at night is when the city truly shines. There is no sight prettier than the Spanish city being lit up at night, its intricate architecture and structure illuminated in various places.

Cordoba (Argentina) - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport • Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport • São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport • Buenos Aires Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Cordoba (Argentina)

There are many airlines from which one can buy a ticket for a flight to Cordoba. Buy a ticket through Sky and Latam airlines for a direct flight from Santiago. You can also buy a ticket through Latam Airlines for a direct flight from Sao Paulo to Cordoba. Direct flights to Cordoba are available through Argentinas airlines from Bueno Aires. You can also make one stop to Cordoba from any city in the world, and the transfer flight will lead you to Cordoba city in Argentina.