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Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam

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City CodeDAR
Popular Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
Flight Time16~22 hours

The flight time to Dar es Salaam is approximately 16~22 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Dar es Salaam.

Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is known as the biggest city of Tanzania, and is one of Eastern Africa's biggest cities by population. Dar es Salaam is an important economic center in the region. Situated at the Indian Ocean, Dar es Salaam is a major trade and commercial center. The city of Dar es Salaam is known to be one of the fastest growing economy in the world. Dar es Salaam is also dubbed as the most important region for government and business in all of Tanzania. Because of its location at the Indian Ocean, Dar es Salaam also serves as the hub of major transportation systems for Tanzania. Dar es Salaam is also known for being the Tanzania's most prominent in terms of fashion, arts, media, music, and tourism. Because of the many recreational activities and tourist spots, most tourists prefer booking ticket flights to this city instead of other Tanzanian cities.

Voice of Travelers to Dar es Salaam

My Ticket to the National Museum

I am a lover of art and culture. I have already booked several ticket flights to different countries in the past just to visit their national museums and study their culture. This year, I decided to book a ticket flight to Tanzania to visit the Dar es Salaam National Museum. On my way to the museum, I first dropped by at the botanical gardens since the garden is just next to the museum. I was amazed by the views and displays at Dar es Salaam National Museum. The large collections of relics from the British and German rule was very fascinating. There are also various Chinese pottery on display. The Tanzanian culture was very rich, and I have learned a lot in viewing their ethnographic collections. My ticket to the museum was worth it. My ticket flight to Dar es Salaam in general is satisfying and rewarding.

My Trip to Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve

I am an environmentalist, and I specifically study marine wildlife and biology. The Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve System is one of the richest marine ecosystem, which is why I went there during the summer. I booked a ticket flight to Dar es Salaam, and proceed to the marine reserve. The reserve is teemning with life. I have observed how a lot of tourists book ticket flights to Dar es Salaam just to visit this place. It is good in tourism, but it is a threat to the marine reserve. My ticket flight only allowed me to stay for a couple of days, but I have not completed my research yet. I will most definitely book another ticket flight in the next months to finish my study. All in all, however, my ticket to this place is not a total waste because of the substantial data that I was able to gather.

Dar es Salaam Travel FAQs

Q. Regarding climete, when is the perfect time of the year for me to book my plane ticket?

A. If you are planning to book your ticket flight to Dar es Salaam for tourism purposes, it is best to visit during the months of January to March. Generally, the climate in Dar es Salaam hot and humid, they also have wet seasons. The wet seasons are from the months of April to May and November to December, which is why it is best to avoid booking ticket flights during these months. It is advisable to book your ticket on the dry season.

Q. What are the best tourist spots in Dar es Salaam?

A. For tourists who booked a ticket flight to Dar es Salaam, there are many tourist spots that you may want to visit. If you are into culture and art, the Makumbusho Cultural Centre and Village Museum and the National Museum proper are for you. For leisure, the Mlimani shopping mall is a great spot. If you prefer the more environmental areas, botanical gardens with tropical trees and plants can also be found in Dar es Salaam. If you booked your ticket specifically for beach vacations, there are many beaches in Kigamboni and Msasani peninsula, which is very close to Dar es Salaam.

Dar es Salaam - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Julius Nyerere International Airport ・Abu Dhabi International Airport ・Amsterdam Airport Schiphol etc.

Flight Routes to Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is being serviced by the Julius Nyerere International Airport. There are regular schedules of ticket flights to and from Dar es Salaam. Some of the more prominent airlines offering ticket flights to Dar es Salaam are Emirates for ticket flights to and from Dubai, Etihad Airways for Abu Dhabi ticket flights, KLM for ticket flights to and from Amsterdam, and Turkish Airlines for Istanbul ticket flights. Aside from ticket flights for passengers, the airport also provides services for cargo. From 2006 to 2016, ticket flights has been increasing, which is evidence of the growing tourism industry for Dar es Salaam.