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City CodeDXB
Popular Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • China Southern Airlines
Flight Time12~16 hours

The flight time to Dubai is approximately 12~16 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Dubai.

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Dubai is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. The Dubai municipality is sometimes called Dubai city to distinguish it from the emirate. Dubai is on the northeast coast of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai shares borders with Abu Dhabi ti the south Sharjah to the northeast, and the Sultanate of Oman to the southeast. Dubai is also a major transport hub for passengers and cargo. Dubai has become iconic for its skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, in particular the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Voice of Travelers to Dubai

A trip to Dubai

I bought a ticket through Lufthansa airlines for a flight to Dubai. Dubai is a great city with many attractions. The Dubai Burj Khalifa was known as the Burj Dubai before its inauguration. It is a megatall skyscraper in Dubai. The Dubai Burj al-Arab is a luxury hotel located in Dubai. The Dubai Mall is a shopping mall in Dubai and the largest mall in the world by total area. The Dubai Wild Wadi Water Park is an outdoor water park in Dubai. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort and one of the largest shopping malls in the world located in Dubai. Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek located in Dubai. The Dubai Fountain is the world's second largest choreographed fountain system. The Dubai Fountain is at the center of the downtown Dubai development in Dubai. Buy a ticket for these and many more attractions in Dubai.

Landmarks in Dubai

When innovation meets hard work, the results are astounding, as can be seen at the Palm Islands in Dubai. Located in what is known as ‘new Dubai’, Dubai Marina is a man-made canal city built to encourage luxurious lifestyles. A major landmark in Dubai, Deira Clocktower has been a silent witness to the city’s changing faces. A visit to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, is a must for every tourist. Who wouldn't want to experience the amazing panoramic view of Dubai? The Dubai Fountain is a record breaking musical fountain show. These are some of the landmarks in Dubai. Buy a ticket today and visit the great landmarks of Dubai.

Dubai Travel FAQs

Is Dubai safe to travel?

Dubai crime rate is low and it is considered a safe city. But like many other cities, pick pocketing and other petty crimes are commonplace in Dubai. Be cautious of your surroundings, and avoid places that seem unsafe or suspicious. Buy an online ticket and visit Dubai. An online ticket offers many advantages over paper tickets. Online tickets also provides the standard assurances as paper tickets, like seating choice. Online tickets are also impossible to lose, unlike paper tickets. With an electronic ticket, it may be easier to make changes to their travel itinerary.

Are there drinking laws in Dubai?

The legal age for the consumption of alcohol in Dubai is 21. Even when visiting a bar, you must have a form of identification and proof of age. Consuming/buying alcohol without having a valid liquor license is an offense. Drinking alcohol in public places is prohibited in Dubai and is punishable under law. Buy a ticket and visit Dubai. All you need is a ticket for your flight. For one to take a flight, you must have a ticket, as it shows that you have already paid for the flight. One should book a ticket when you need it. It’s advisable for one to buy a ticket early.

Is it possible to cancel my travel arrangements?

It’s good to contact your travel agency so that they can help you in the cancellation process and contact relevant airlines. Penalties may apply during the cancellation, and sometimes you are not entitled to a refund. For this reason, it's recommended that you purchase travel insurance.

Q. When is the best time to visit Dubai?

A. Dubai is extremely hot year-round, and selecting an appropriate time to visit is more like choosing a temperature you can tolerate. Temperatures can reach over 100 degrees in the summer heat, and when its that hot, its difficult to enjoy your trip when you're sweating and suffering in the heat. From the months of April to October - Dubai's sweltering summer - you're better off not going or picking a different place to vacation to. While Dubai is a place of great beauty and wonder, make sure to go at a time where your experience will not be diminished by the heat.

Dubai - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Dubai International Airport • Dublin Airport • London Heathrow Airport • John F. Kennedy International Airport • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport • Frankfurt Airport • Muscat International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Dubai

Buy a ticket through Emirates airlines for a direct flight from Dublin. Through Virgin Atlantic airlines, buy a ticket for a direct flight from London. Buy a ticket through Oman Air airlines for a direct flight from Muscat. Through Emirates airlines, buy a ticket for a direct flight from New York. Through Air France airlines, buy a ticket for a direct flight from Paris. Through Lufthansa airlines, buy a ticket for a direct flight from Frankfurt.