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Eritrea Travel Tips and Information

Eritrea Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameState of Eritrea
Population5.5 million
Country CodeER
LanguageTigrinya, Arabic, Tigre
Country Code (international calls)291

The flight time to Eritrea is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Eritrea below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Eritrea.

Eritrea is located in East Africa and is bordered by Sudan, Djibouti and Ethiopia.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to Eritrea

Nationals of most countries can obtain tourist visas prior to departure. Visas can be obtained at Eritrean consulates. Nationals of Kenya and Uganda may enter visa-free, and nationals of Sudan may obtain a visa on arrival. Some Eritrean Embassies have websites where a visa application can be downloaded and printed out.

Things/Items Allowed into Eritrea

Passengers are permitted to bring in 400 individual cigarettes, 500 ml of perfume and 2 liters of alcohol.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Eritrea

• Weapons • Explosives • Ammunition • Pornography • Chemicals and Fertilizers

Things/Items Forbidden into Eritrea

• Weapons • Explosives and Ammunition • Pornography

Voice of Travelers to Eritrea

My first time in Eritrea. Cheap ticket with Fly Dubai

Eritrea is a very windy place and the weather on my trip was generally amazing. It was the first time that I had booked a ticket to Eritrea and the price of the air ticket was rather competitive. I booked my air ticket to Eritrea from Dubai with Fly Dubai. The flight took approximately 3 hours to arrive in Eritrea and the in-flight service was great. Eritrea is a beautiful sunny country. Once in Asmara, I booked a ticket as part of a group tour to visit the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Asmara, and the Fiat Tagliero Building. There were many restaurants near the hotel and I had the chance to taste the local cuisine of Eritrea. Next year, I will return to Eritrea and I have already booked my air ticket online.

Eritrea is one of the best places to visit. Book your ticket now

After visiting Eritrea last year, I would like to recommend Eritrea as a great destination to visit. I booked my ticket as part of a group and the ticket agency were very flexible with last minute changes after my flight got changed and I arrived a day late. The ticket agency adjusted the itinerary to adapt to this change. To add to the inconvenience, my suitcase was offloaded by the airline in Khartoum during the transit stop on the way to Eritrea. I was informed it would only arrive 3 days later so the ticket agency arranged for me to stop at a shop and pick up some necessities to get me through. When my suitcase finally arrived, the ticket agency was thoughtful to pick it up from the airport and send a driver to deliver it to the hotel. Also, my travel buddy was unable to get a tourist visa in Bahrain as the Eritrean Embassy had closed so the travel agent from the ticket agency arranged one for him.

Eritrea is such a beautiful country

I spent two nights camping with tents, which were set up by the tour guide from the ticket agency. We had a private boat and a cook. The tour guide provided was very knowledgeable and happy to answer questions and share his experiences of the country and the many changes it has undergone. As there are very few tourists going to Eritrea, I felt like we were really some of the first people of explore the country. On both mornings, we woke up to sea turtles and dolphins close to shore where we were camping! The trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience! I cannot wait to return to Eritrea and plan to book another ticket soon.

Eritrea Travel FAQs

Q. When is the best season to visit Eritrea?

A. From October to March, the country experiences very dry weather. This is generally considered to be the best season to visit Eritrea. However, ticket prices may be slightly higher during this period. The wet season in Eritrea is from June to the middle of September.

Q. Is Eritrea a safe country to visit?

A. Watch out for bicycle riders, vehicle drivers and pedestrians in Eretria. Also, look carefully when crossing streets since bike accidents are common. Eritrea is generally safe and you can walk about at night.

Eritrea - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toAsmara International Airport・ Cairo International Airport ・ Dubai International Airport ・ King Abdulaziz International Airport ・ Khartoum International Airport ・ Istanbul Atatürk Airport  etc.

Flight Routes to Eritrea

Eritrea has two international airports, Asmara International Airport in the capital Asmara and Massawa International Airport in the coastal city of Massawa. Currently, tickets can only be book to Asmara. EgyptAir serves Asmara daily from Cairo. Eritrean Airlines, the national airline, flies from Jeddah and Milan, Flydubai from Dubai, Nova Airways and Sudan Airways fly from Khartoum and Turkish Airlines flies from Istanbul.