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City CodeFDF
Popular Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Air France
  • Air Canada
Flight Time7~21 hours

The flight time to Fort-de-France is approximately 7~21 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Fort-de-France.

Fort-de-France (Fort-de-France)

Fort-de-France is the largest and the capital city of Martinique. Fort-de-France is a major city of the French Caribbean overseas department of Martinique. It is famous for its sugar, rum, tinned fruit, and cacao exports. The best time to enjoy the sights and festivities in Fort-de-France is December to April.

Voice of Travelers to Fort-de-France (Fort-de-France)

Booking a ticket to Fort-de-France with American Airlines is worth it

Hi, I'm Jenna from Miami. I've always wanted to visit the Caribbean. I was lucky to score a deal with American Airlines. Since they have seasonal flights to Fort-de-France. I must say that I am very impressed with their service. I didn't have problems with the ticket platform, check-in, and boarding process. The flight attendants were very nice and quick. They made sure to serve everyone their needs ASAP. I enjoyed the food and in-flight entertainment they provided. It was a pleasant flight, there was little turbulence during the trip. Definitely going to fly with American Airlines again. I guarantee that booking your air ticket with them is very much worth it.

Fort-de-France has a lot to offer

Hello, I'm Valjean from Paris. My friends and I went on a Caribbean DIY tour and Fort-de-France is one of our stops. We flew with Air France to Fort-de-France. I want to say that Fort-de-France did not disappoint. It has stunning and breath-taking sights to offer. Fort-de-France was a real gem. I especially enjoyed the many gardens Fort-de-France has to offer. Such as the Jardin de Balata and the La Savane. My friends and I also enjoyed our stay over at the Karibea Squash. They served good breakfast and had such accommodating staff. Definitely, we will book a ticket back to Fort-de-France again and stay longer to enjoy more of its beauty.

Booking a ticket with Air France to Fort-de-France is the best decision I made

Hello. I am Rachelle from Paris. I want to say that booking my ticket with Air France en route to Fort-de-France is the best decision I've had. It was my first time booking a ticket abroad. I must say that Air France is worth every penny I spent. They provided such excellent service. Check-in and boarding process was a breeze, it was hassle-free. I didn't have to wait in a long queue. The cabin crew were very welcoming and accommodating. I was comfortable in my seat as I had enough leg space to stretch in. The food they served me was delicious and fresh. In-flight entertainment was also great. All in all, it was definitely an excellent ticket and flight service. I definitely recommend booking your air ticket and flying with Air France.

Fort-de-France (Fort-de-France) Travel FAQs

When is the best time to book a ticket to Fort-de-France?

Fort-de-France closes its sights and attractions during hurricane season - November. So, the best time to book a ticket to Fort-de-France is during its drier months. Book your air ticket to Fort-de-France within December and April. A tip: grabbing better air ticket deals are more frequent when you book the ticket on a weekday.

Planning to book a ticket to Fort-de-France, can you please recommend some places to stay in?

Fort-de-France may be touristy during peak season. So, make sure you book your air ticket and accommodation ASAP. Some of the place you can stay in are Simon Hotel, Hotel L' Impératrice, Bayfront Hotel, and Fort Savane. You can opt to stay at the La Maison de Clementine or at the Apolline Martinique. Or, splurge and stay at the La Suite Villa. A tip: for a better chance at grabbing a better ticket deal to Fort-de-France, book the ticket on a weekday.

Booked a ticket to Fort-de-France, please cite some nature/historic sights I can go to in there.

Booking a ticket to Fort-de-France for nature and historic sights is worthwhile. Make sure you include Fort St. Louis and Fort-de-France Museum in your itinerary. Visit the Musee Departmental d' Archeologie and Schoelcher Library. You can stroll along the Jardin de Balata, La Savane, and Martinique National Park. A tip: for a better chance at grabbing a better ticket deal to Fort-de-France, book the ticket on a weekday.

We're planning to book a ticket for a retreat in Fort-de-France. Please recommend churches we ca go to.

Fort-de-France is a perfect sight for a retreat. So, booking a ticket to Fort-de-France for the retreat is a good decision. It has nature parks and churches that will definitely make your retreat worthwhile. Churches you can visit are Sacré Couer and Fort-de-France St. Louis Cathedral. A tip: for a better chance at grabbing a better ticket deal to Fort-de-France, book the ticket on a weekday.

Fort-de-France (Fort-de-France) - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport ・Aéroport de Paris-Orly

Flight Routes to Fort-de-France (Fort-de-France)

The Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport is the hub for Fort-de-France tourists. It's the main international airport in Martinique. It's located in Fort-de-France 's suburb, La Lamentin. It has seasonal ticket and flights to Miami, via American Airlines. Fort-de-France is also directly connected to Cayenne, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, and Frankfurt. Other airlines serving Fort-de-France are Air France, Corsair, and Lufthansa.