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City CodeGUM
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Japan Airlines
Flight Time13~19 hours

The flight time to Guam is approximately 13~19 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Guam.

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Guam is an island in West-North Pacific Ocean, between Philippines and Hawaii. Guam is part of the Mariana Island Archipelago in Micronesia. Guam is also an unincorporated United States territory. Guam's indigenous residents are called Chamorros. In 1668 Guam was colonized by Spaniards and remained under Spanish control until 1898. Guam was then handed over to the United States following the Spanish-American War. There are many Spanish Era buildings and WWII fortifications in Guam.

Voice of Travelers to Guam

JeeYoung from Korea

Hello, my name is Kim JeeYoung and I want to tell you about my trip to Guam. I bought an air ticket and flew to Guam from Seoul. The flight was with Korean Air. I had a lot of choice when booking my ticket, because as well as Korean Air, Jeju Air, T'Way Air and Jin Air all offer air tickets from Seoul to Guam. I booked my ticket through the website without trouble. I enjoyed the flight and thought the service on board was great. The aircraft was modern and I felt safe flying with Korean Air. In Guam I visited the Fish Eye Marine Observatory, where I've seen beautiful corals and fish. I also went diving and seen the incredible Blue Hole, which is a very deep drop in the reef.

John from the United States of America

Hi, I'm John from Honolulu. I love history and being from an island myself I am particularly interested in Pacific Islands' history. I decided to visit Guam to see the Gef Pa’go Cultural Village and WWII reinforcements. I booked my ticket with United Airlines. I redeemed miles I collected from previous tickets for this air ticket. The flight was comfortable, the food was good and I enjoyed the on-board entertainment. I watched an action movie. Soon I was in Guam. Once on the island I went on a historic walking tour. On Wednesday night I went to Guam's Chamorro Night Market which was very interesting. I enjoyed eating local Guam delicacies: kaleguen (a cold meat appetiser), barbequed meats with red rice and drinking Tuba, the fermented coconut drink.

Guam Travel FAQs

Q. What time should I buy an air ticket for to visit Guam?

A. Dry season in Guam is between January and June. That time offers best weather for a visit to Guam. It is recommended to book air tickets for that time. June to September is storm season, so it is best to avoid these months when booking your air tickets.

Q. What are visa regulations like for Guam?

A. Same visa regulations apply for Guam as for United States. Therefore if you need a visa to visit the US then you will need a visa to enter Guam. A valid United States visa is valid for entry to Guam. Residents of some countries are eligible for Guam Visa Waiver Programme. It is not possible to get a visa on arrival in Guam. Check Guam government's website for further information, before booking your air ticket.

Q. I am interested in visiting some of the other islands near Guam. Are there any special air tickets to do it?

A. Yes, a ticket for United Airlines Flight Number 154, also known as 'The Island Hopper' ticket, offers exactly that. The Island Hopper air ticket offers an opportunity to visit 7 islands, starting in Hawaii and ending in Guam in one day.

Q. Can I book a flight ticket for someone else?

A. Yes, it is possible to book air tickets for other people. To book a ticket for another person you will need to know their personal details. When booking a ticket make sure to type in their full name carefully, exactly as it appears in their passport.

Guam - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport ・Daniel K. Inouye International Airport ・Incheon International Airport ・Hong Kong International Airport ・Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport ・Osaka-Kansai International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Guam

Regular flights connect Guam with Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and several other destinations in Asia. It is also possible to get tickets for direct flights between Guam and Hawaii and continental United States. Tickets from Asia to Guam tend to be more affordable than plane tickets from the United States to Guam.