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Guatemala City

Guatemala City

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City CodeGUA
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Iberia Airlines
Flight Time5~7 hours

The flight time to Guatemala City is approximately 5~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Guatemala City.

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Guatemala City

Guatemala City is the capital city of Guatemala, a country in Central America, located South of Mexico. Guatemala City is in the South-Central part of the country. Guatemala City is full of antique buildings, such as the impressive Catedral Metropolitana and the historic Palacio Nacional de la Cultura. Guatemala City is surrounded by mountains. There are many parks in Guatemala City. Guatemala City's museums have rich collections of pre-Columbian artefacts.

Voice of Travelers to Guatemala City

Juan and Bruna from Colombia

Hi, I’m Juan from Bogota. I just came back from a great holiday in Guatemala City. My holiday almost didn’t happen, because my girlfriend Bruna and I were late for our Avianca flight. We arrived at the airport in time, but for some reason that day the queues to security and passport control were particularly long. When we finally reached our gate, we were told we were too late. We were so upset about losing our tickets, but the lady at the gate directed us to go to the ticket counter and explain our situation. The lady at the Avianca ticket counter was very helpful and could rebook our tickets for a later flight to Guatemala City. Thankfully, we had to only pay the difference in ticket cost instead of buying whole new tickets. The flight to Guatemala City was great, they even served us an alcoholic drink.

Ana from United States

Hi, my name is Ana and I live in Houston. Recently I came back from visiting my family in Guatemala City. I bought my flight ticket with AirCanada. The plane arrived on time and cabin staff were polite. I think my ticket was good value for money. I liked having a personal, touch-screen TV on board. It kept me entertained during the flight. I would happily buy an AirCanada ticket again. In Guatemala City I spent time with my family I visited Mapa en Relieve, a massive relief map of Guatemala City, built in 1904. It is so big it has to be viewed from an observation tower. Another Guatemala City attraction which I love, and always get an entry ticket to, is the Ixchel Museum of National Costumes.

Guatemala City Travel FAQs

Q. What name should I use when booking my air ticket?

A. When booking your ticket it is important that the name on your ticket matches exactly the name in your passport. Do not use abbreviations of your name to nicknames when booking your airline ticket. Many airlines do not accept full stops, hyphens or other punctuation marks in names, so if your names has these, leave them out when booking your ticket.

Q. Before I book my plane ticket to Guatemala City, can you tell me if it is a safe city?

A. Don't let safety concerns prevent you from getting your flight ticket to Guatemala City. Guatemala City, like most other busy cities, has safer and more dangerous areas. Visitors are advised to remain cautious and take normal precautions to stay safe. Most tourist visits to Guatemala City are not affected by crime. Use your common sense and adhere to advice given by PROATUR, the Tourist Assistance Program run by Guatemalan authorities.

Q. I'm ready to buy my flight ticket, but what season is good for a visit to Guatemala City?

A. If possible, try to book your flight ticket to visit Guatemala City between December and May. Between June and November Guatemala experiences a rainy season and a hurricane season in the Caribbean, so the weather during that period in Guatemala City can be extremely rainy and windy.

Guatemala City - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to La Aurora International Airport ・Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport ・Monsenor Oscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport ・George Bush Intercontinental Airport ・Miami International Airport ・Benito Juarez International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Guatemala City

Guatemala City is connected by air routes to other Latin American countries, including Mexico, El Salvador and Colombia. Guatemala City is also connected by flight to destinations in Europe and Northern America. For example, it is possible to buy tickets for direct flights between Guatemala City and Madrid, Miami, Atlanta or Dallas. There are only limited internal flights within Guatemala, but it is possible to buy a ticket on the Guatemala City - Flores route.