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Hawaiian Islands Travel Tips and Information

Hawaiian Islands Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameHawaiian Islands
Country CodeHW
LanguageEnglish, Hawaiian
Country Code (international calls)1

The flight time to Hawaiian Islands is approximately 6 hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Hawaiian Islands below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Hawaiian Islands.

The Hawaiian Islands are a Polynesian archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian Islands were the last state to join the US in 1959. With a total of 8 main islands, each island boasts a unique feature. The big island (Hawai’i), most known for its volcanic activity, for instance, is constructed of 5 major volcanoes: Kilauea, Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea, Hualalai and Kohala.

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Visa and Immigration Procedures to Hawaiian Islands

As the Hawaiian Islands is a US state, visa procedures are the same as for the rest of continental US. Foreign nationals traveling to the Hawaiian Islands should contact their consulate for the visa application process and further details before booking an air ticket.

Things/Items Allowed into Hawaiian Islands

Customs and other procedures in the Hawaiian Islands are the same as that for other airports in the United States. Strict regulations are enforced regarding the import of plants and animal products.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Hawaiian Islands

No restrictions on alcohol and tobacco exports

Things/Items Forbidden into Hawaiian Islands

・Narcotics ・Firearms ・Plants and Animals

Voice of Travelers to Hawaiian Islands

Found tickets at a great price!

We were looking for a last minute vacation and found an excellent deal on tickets to Kahului in the Hawaiian Islands from Dallas. It was our first time flying to the Hawaiian Islands and we booked the tickets on a whim. We had purchased tickets with American Airlines in the past and were happy with the service. The flight was comfortable and the service was friendly, so we arrived at our destination of the Hawaiian Island of Maui in excellent spirits, ready to explore!

Tokyo-Honolulu in style!

We were given tickets to the Hawaiian Islands as a wedding present, and when we arrived at the airport, Hawaiian Airlines upgraded our tickets to business class tickets! The ticket agent at the airport congratulated us and gave us the good news! We had a wonderful flight with exceptional service and excellent food. When we arrived in the Hawaiian Islands, we set out to explore Honolulu. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and we were so pleased with our tickets.

Easy ticket purchase and a wonderful trip

I found an amazing deal on a ticket to Kona International Airport on Hawaii Island, and decided that I would book the ticket and then purchase other tickets to travel to other islands in the Hawaiian Islands once I arrived. I have always been interested in the South Pacific region and Polynesia, so this was my chance see many of the Hawaiian Islands during my trip. After exploring Kona, I purchased a ticket to Kahului on Maui, then a few days later a ticket to Oahu, and finally to Kaui. Thanks to the efficient transport services within the Hawaiian Islands. It was so easy to purchase tickets online. I was able to see so much of the Hawaiian Islands with very little planning, which made for an exciting vacation.

Hawaiian Islands Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best beach for a vacation with good nightlife?

A. One of the more popular beaches in the Hawaiian Islands is the Waikiki beach in Oahu. The advantage of booking your ticket for Oahu is that you will be on the most populous Hawaiian island and near the capital city, Honolulu. If you are also interested in shopping, dining, and nightlife in a big city Oahu has it all. Maui, the second largest island, has many resort areas and tickets are readily available to Hilo airport. While not a big city, these large resort complexes do offer shopping and nightlife, as well as beautiful beaches.

Q. When should I go?

The Hawaiian Islands offer incredible natural beauty and you can visit anytime during the year as it is warm year round. The summer months tend to be more crowded and humid. However, the waters are warmer during this time. Visiting in the winter is less humid, and it is less crowded as there are fewer tourists. However, the currents change during the winter and the waves can be very strong. The air tickets to Hawaii tend to be cheaper during the winter months as well.

Hawaiian Islands - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toDaniel K. Inouye International Airport・Vancouver International Airport ・Narita International Airport (Tokyo) ・Brisbane International Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights toHilo International Airport・Los Angeles International Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights toKahului Airport・Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport ・O'Hare International Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights toKona International Airport・Oakland International Airport ・San Diego International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Hawaiian Islands

There are many direct flights every day to the Hawaiian Islands from the continental United States. Direct international flights are also available to the Hawaiian Islands from Asia, Oceania and Canada. There are international airports on Big Island, O'ahu, Kauai and Maui. There are regional airports on the smaller islands which allow visitors to travel to the smaller islands.