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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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City CodeHKG
Popular Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
Flight Time14~18 hours
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The flight time to Hong Kong is approximately 14~18 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an independent territory on the South Coast of China. It the 4th most populated territory in the world. Though Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the Republic of China, it maintains its own political and economic system. Hong Kong has also been ranked as the world's best competitive economic entity. Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations for international tourists. Hong Kong is a place for everyone; whether you are on low budget or you want to splash your money, you will enjoy the lush of the city.

Voice of Travelers to Hong Kong

Family Holiday in Hong Kong

My family went to Hong Kong last month for our annual family vacation. We traveled by Hong Kong Airlines. Their flight attendants were so polite and friendly. The plane was very comfortable, and they served snacks onboard. We loved Hong Kong. There was so much to do for my wife, the kids and I. The kids loved Hong Kong Disney land and Hong Kong Wetland Park. We also visited Noah's Park, Victoria Park and Harbour, and Nan Lian Garden. We also liked our shopping experience in Temple Street Night market.

Three days in Hong Kong

My partner and I took a vacation in Hong Kong after a whole year of hard work in our family business. Last month, we decided that was it, we needed a break. We traveled to Hong Kong by Air Hong Kong. We were traveled late at night and arrived early morning. We rested for that first day in our hotel room enjoying the scenic view of the city. We also sampled various international cuisines available in the hotel. The following day we went to Hong Kong Museum of History and Kowloon West Promenade. The second day we visited Tian Tan Buddha, and Po Lin. Our last day was spent in Cheng Chau Island.

Hong Kong Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the entry requirements to Honk Kong?

A. You will need a valid passport, valid air ticket, and a VISA, for foreigners. Hong Kong has a separate immigration rules from China and Macau hence you will need different VISAs for these states. Full British citizens are exempted from a VISA for a stay of up to 180 days. You will also be required to show proof of adequate funds to stay in Hong Kong, a return ticket or onward journey ticket. For more information on requirements for other nationals, visit the Hong Kong Immigration website for more updated information.

Q. In case a flight is suspended due to unfavorable weather, can I get a refund immediately?

A. A ticket refund may take a while to process. For most airlines, the ticket refund process may take 2-3 months on average. Because the weather is something that neither the airline nor you can control, the airline should reschedule your flight. To process a ticket refund, please contact our customer service agents. You can also use the value of your unused ticket for a future flight. Your ticket remains valid for twelve months from the date of departure.

Q. Is is possible to modify the name on my ticket?

A. If a name is partially misspelled on a ticket, some airlines may allow modification. Name change on a ticket is impossible if both the first and last name are misspelled, or you want to change the name on the ticket to another. If you want to change the traveler's name on the ticket, you have to make another ticket reservation after canceling the original ticket. The name on the traveler's ID should perfectly match the name on the ticket.

Q. Will I get a ticket discount when I purchase my ticket online?

A. If we have displayed the ticket discount on the site, you are eligible to get it whether you purchase your ticket on phone or online.

Hong Kong - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Hong Kong International Airport • Beijing Capital International Airport • Sheremetyevo International Airport • Vladivostok International Airport • Narita International Airport • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport • Heathrow Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Hong Kong

Major air routes to Hongkong are from China and Macau. Major airlines serving these air routes include Hong Kon Airlines, Hong Kong Express, and Air Hong Kong.