Information Prior to Reservation - International Flights

Please review the following in its entirety before you proceed to make a flight reservation.
If you encounter any issues or have any queries when making your flight reservation, please contact us via email or call us at +81-3-6450-2734.

Passengers’ Information

Passport Name

Name of passenger on air ticket must match the name on the passenger's passport.

Please note the order of the First and Last names.

* The company shall under no circumstances be held liable to and shall not accept any liability, obligation or responsibility
 whatsoever if passengers are refused by airlines from boarding the flights

* Passengers who have changed their last name due to life events such as marriage, must ensure that their names shown on the
 air tickets are the same as their names reflected in their passports at time of boarding

Passengers with Middle Names

Please enter names as shown in passports when making reservations. The entry of names should be in the following order:

Last Name / First Name Middle Name

* Please ensure that the entry of names at time of reservation matches the names in your passport

Visa Application

Please ensure to check with the embassy or consulate for all necessary travel documents and visas required to enter the country you are traveling to.

* If you require a re-entry permit, please be reminded to apply for one before you travel

Display of Flights & Airfares

Code-Sharing Flights

Code-sharing flights carry 4-digit flight numbers and are flights operated by partnering carriers.

Aircraft, crews, including in-flight services and checked baggage are provided in the standards of the code-sharing flight partners.

Subway/Railway-Flight Routes

Some airlines partner with subway/railway companies.

Destinations that display the names of train stations are routes that include transfers on subways or railways.

Passengers using such routes must pick up checked baggage at the airport before proceeding for transfer by trains.

* Please contact the respective airlines for detailed information

Flight Schedule Display

Flight schedules displayed includes transit/connecting flights. By clicking on ‘Show Details’, all connecting flights for the route will be displayed.

* Depending on the transit airport, flight routes via a certain destination does not fundamentally change the flight number

* If the displayed flight time is longer than the usual flight time, it would mean that the flight will make a transit stop before
 the final destination

Duplicate/Double Reservations

Duplicate/double reservations on the same airlines are subject to auto-cancellations of all reservations by the airlines.
(Please note that we are unable to make any duplicate/double reservations)

If you would like to make a new reservation due to errors in dates or times, please contact us by phone or via email to cancel the earlier reservation before proceeding to make a new reservation.

Flight Schedule Changes

Irregardless of seat availability on other flights, changes to flight schedules are strictly not allowed after the completion of payment.

Please be sure to use all sectors of flights as indicated on the air ticket purchased.

* The airlines will automatically cancel your entire booking if there are any unused routes of your flight and the airlines reserve the
 rights to charge the difference of the standard fare for unused ticket(s) of the flight route(s)

* Airline change fee and prescribed fee will be incurred even in the case of some airline tickets that can be changed.

E-ticket Information

Upon the confirmation of receiving full payment for air ticket purchases, the Company will proceed with the necessary for the issuance of your air ticket(s).

A copy of your e-ticket and flight schedule will be sent to you within 3 days of your payment date via e-mail or fax.

* Please note that skyticket CANNOT dispatch your e-tickets and flight schedules by post

* The e-ticket and other required documents (if any) must be printed out and presented on day of departure

* Contact us immediately if you fail to receive the e-mail with the e-ticket attachments 2 days before your departure

Hand Carry Baggage/Cabin Baggage

For detailed information, please visit the Cabin Baggage Page for the allowances of different airlines.

* Code-sharing flights will abide by the standards of the code-sharing flight partners

* Baggage information provided may not include information of flights not departing from Japan

Change of Flight Schedules by Airlines

Changes in flight schedules by airlines may sometimes occur.

On such occasions, the company will abide by the provisions of the airlines and no compensations will be provided for any/all changes.

* In the event where refunds are made, bank transfer fees for refunds shall be borne by passengers
 (Handling fees and administrative charges are not subject to refunds)