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Jersey Island

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City CodeJER
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time11~12 hours
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The flight time to Jersey is approximately 11~12 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Jersey.

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Jersey Island

Jersey Island is part of the channels islands. Jersey island is located in the English channel which is off the coast of Normandy. Jersey Island is the largest among the other islands. Jersey island is not part of the United Kingdom, however the United Kingdom is responsible for the safety and defense of  Jersey.The population of Jersey Island is 100,080 people and covers an area of 18.2 square kilometers. Jersey Island's economy comes from tourism and also it's hospitality industry. Financial services and agriculture  in Jersey Island i are also  contributors to the economy.  Tourists who come to the Jersey Island purchase tickets from the various outlets. A ticket is also available from online websites.

Voice of Travelers to Jersey Island

Vacation to Jersey Island

My family has always wanted to go to jersey Island. I finally decided it was time for a nice vacay, so we got the air ticket, packed our bags and headed for the Island. We used Air France for the one way ticket and Flybe airlines for the ticket back home. On arrival at our hotel we were welcomed by lovely dancing ladies who offered us some drinks. The rest of the two weeks were magical. We bonded and had so much fun we never want to hop onto the ticket home.

Historic visit to Jersey Island

Our lectures Mrs. Rulei organised a trip for the her history class to Jersey Island. We were all excited to get the ticket for the destination. Being a sophomore anything that screamed fun always intrigued me. I went home and informed my guardians who are more than willing to get me the air ticket and pay for all other expenses to the region. We traveled by Air France and within a couple of hours we arrived. I got to hang out with my crush and visit some beautiful historic sites such as Mont Orgueil Castle and La Hougue Bie in Jersey Island.

Jersey Island Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best season to travel to Jersey Island?

A. When planning your trip to Jersey Island ensure you get your ticket at the right time. The best time to visit Jersey Island is from mid September to mid October. This is because the temperatures are warm, hotel rates are lower and there are not so many visitors. The other months that one may visit Jersey Island include May, June, July and August since the temperatures are warmer as well during this time. Get your ticket during this time to have the best time.

Q. What are the main tourist attractions in Jersey Island?

A. Jersey Island has some historic sites such as Mont Orgueil Castle, La Hougue Bie, Battery Lothringen, Samares Manor, Strongpoint Corbiere. There are also museums such as Jersey War Tunnels, The Mansell Collection, Maritime Museum, Jersey Museum. Landmarks include Liberation Square, Batterie Moltke, Steam O'clock Ariana, Sir Winston Churchill Memorial and St Aubins Fort. Plan to visit these tourist attractions once you get your air ticket.

Q. What are the fun facts of Jersey Island?

A. Jersey Island is the sunniest city in the British zones. The people of Jersey island use over five million flowers in an event called the battle of the flowers. The city has the most golf courses per sq mile, it has 6 golf courses. Men are banned from knitting in July and August. The are six different wine brands manufactured in the city including Royal Vodka and Royal Gin that are made from the potatoes. Get your ticket to Jersey Island to learn more about it from their historic sites and museums.

Jersey Island - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Jersey Airport ・London Gatwick Airport  ・Belfast International Airport ・Guernsey Airport ・Dublin Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Jersey Island

Jersey Island has a minor International Airport b known as Jersey Airport which is located in Saint Peter's Parish. Visitors can obtain a ticket from the airport in various ticket outlets. Aurigny Airlines, British Airways, Air France and Flybe Airlines are some of the airlines that serve Jersey Airport. A ticket is a critical document when travelling and people travelling must ensure they have one and more preferably a return ticket.