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Jersey Travel Tips and Information


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Official Name----
CapitalSaint Helier
Country CodeJE
LanguageFrench, English
Country Code (international calls)44
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The flight time to Jersey is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Jersey below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Jersey.

Jersey is an island located between England and France. Jersey is famous for its historic castles, beaches, cliffside walking trails and inland valleys.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to Jersey

There are no immigration controls between the United Kingdom (UK) and Jersey. However travelers from the UK are required to have a photo ID. All European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) nationals must show a valid passport or identity card to immigration control on arrival in Jersey, but are not required to have a visa. Other nationals may require a visa to enter the country, so if you are not from the EU or UK please double check with the Jersey Immigration Offices.

Things/Items Allowed into Jersey

Travelers 17 years old and above may bring in one liter of spirits, four liters of wine, 16 liters of beer or cider and 200 individual cigarettes or 250 grams of other tobacco products .

Things/Items Forbidden out of Jersey

・Antiques ・Endangered Animals

Things/Items Forbidden into Jersey

・Illegal Drugs ・Liquid Milk ・Firearms ・Fireworks ・Pornography ・Knives

Voice of Travelers to Jersey

Comfortable Airline

I got my ticket to travel to Jersey from Malaysia. It took three flights to get there with one ticket. First, I took Emirates Airline from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai. After reaching Dubai, I took another Emirates Airline flight to Birmingham, UK. After reaching Birmingham, Flybe Airline's flight got me directly to Jersey State. The plane used by Emirates was a big Boeing, containing comfortable seats and a decent environment. Emirates Airline has maintained their standard through outstanding in-plane services, high-end new planes, and expensive tickets. Flybe Airline was also a nice experience and was an expensive ticket but the plane had to take off soon in Jersey. The first place to visit on my wishlist was the Elizabeth Castle in Jersey.

Beautiful Sightseeing

I got a chance to get the ticket to Jersey State from Toronto (Canada). It took two connecting flights to get to Jersey with one ticket. The first flight was of Finnair which took me to London. The Airbus used by Finnair was wonderful but was an expensive ticket price. The next flight was from London to Jersey. Jersey is near the UK and the flight time from London Gatwick to Jersey was only one hour. After reaching Jersey, I got the ticket to go to La Corbiere which is a south western point in Jersey. The ticket to visit Howard Davis Park was available as well. Grosnez Castle offered the ticket at a promotional price and it was also the great sign of history which I enjoyed the most in Jersey among all other things.

Island of Castles

Jersey, being a small island, has many attractions and tourist hotspots but the most significant sight to visit are the castles. Three castles named Elizabeth castle, Grosnez castle and Mont Orgueil castle are beautiful marks of history which contain the finest example of medieval castles. Mont Orgueil castle is near the fishing port and tickets are really cheap. This castle also has many signs and artwork which depict the history forming phase of Jersey island. It is surrounded by the hillside and has marvellous view of the French coast all in one location. With varying ticket prices, it has death dance, medieval wheel of urine and other activities such as searching for the prayer nuts in castle rooms.

Jersey Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the best place to visit in Jersey?

A. There are a variety of places in Jersey to visit such as castles, beaches, museums and historical sights. Elizabeth Castle, La Corbiere, Grosnez castle, and La Hougue are a few famous places to visit that are rather affordable.

Jersey - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toJersey Airport•Shuttlesworth International Airport (Birmingham, UK) •Heathrow international airport (London, UK) •Abbotsinch International Airport (Glasgow, UK) etc.

Flight Routes to Jersey

There are direct flights to the island from the East Midlands, London, Southampton, Liverpool, Manchester, and Bristol. There are also flights available to and from Switzerland, Eire, Germany, Madeira, Spain, and Majorca. The main airport is the Jersey Airport.