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City CodeKSD
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The flight time to Karlstad is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Karlstad.


Karlstad is a city in Sweden. It is in the Klaralven River in Varmland county. It is well known for neighbouring lake Vanern to the South with several tiny islands. Karlstad city is the largest city in Varmland county. Karlstad has a population of approximately 61,685 inhabitants as per the year 2014. The Karlstad city occupies an area of 30.31 squared kilometres. Karlstad was established in the year 1584.

Voice of Travelers to Karlstad

My trip to Karlstad seeking to break away from work

Travelling can be very refreshing especially if you want to break away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. I decided enough was enough and started planning for a travel ticket to Karlstad. Acquiring a ticket was not a problem because there are several ways at my disposal to get one. I obtained my Karlstad ticket from an online website that had ticket discounts. I had the option of purchasing the ticket from the airport directly but I opted not to. While at Karlstad I made sure I rested a lot and enjoyed every moment in the city. I also visited the major tourist attractions in Karlstad. I thoroughly enjoyed the short vacation in Karlstad.

Self-imposed vacation to Karlstad

Hi my name is Lisa. I recently went through a divorce which was the most emotional tormenting season of my life. To get through this I decided to acquire a ticket to Karlstad. I had to travel somewhere to avoid depression from creeping in. I started my trip by getting a ticket. Karlstad was the only city I could think of. With the help of my friend I managed to get ticket discounts which saved me a lot on my ticket costs. I relaxed and was able to clear my mind in Karlstad. I spent most of the time in fun areas and touring the tourist attractions.

Karlstad Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the main tourist attractions in Karlstad?

A. Karlstad has quite a number of tourist attractions such as Klaralven which is a river flowing through Norway and Sweden, Mariebergsskogen, Karlstad Cathedral, Varmlands Museum, Brigade Museum, Old Town Prison which has original prison cells and prisoners' letters, Gamls Stenbro which is one of Sweden's stone bridges and Peace Monument which is on the main square in central Karlstad.

Q. What is the cost of an air ticket to Karlastad?

A. The ticket cost is different from different departure airports. The further the departure airport the more the ticket cost. The air ticket cost is also determined by the season of the year. Peak seasons have higher ticket rates. In order to save on your ticket cost ensure you purchase a ticket early enough to prevent surges and within the right season.

Q. What is the best season to travel to Karlstad?

A. Generally the best season to travel to Karlstad is July since it is the warmest. June and August are also some of the best months to travel to Karlstad. Avoid the month of August since this is the coldest month. Always check the right time to get your air ticket so as to enjoy your trip to the maximum.

Karlstad - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Karlstad Airport ・Stockholm Arlanda airport ・Frankfurt Airport ・Jönköping Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Karlstad

Karlstad Airport is the major airport in Karlstad city.There are several airlines that fly to Karlstad. The list of flights where you can acquire your ticket from include: Lufthansa airlines, KLM, SAS airlines. There are many ways of acquiring a ticket for this destination. One can always time the season when the ticket costs rates are lower so as to spend less on your ticket.If ticket cost is not an issue ensure you travel to Karlstad when the weather is right.