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City CodeFIH
Popular Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • South African Airways
  • Qatar Airways
Flight Time13~20 hours

The flight time to Kinshasa is approximately 13~20 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Kinshasa.

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Kinshasa is formerly known as Léopoldville. It's the Democratic Republic of Congo's largest and capital city. Aside from this, Kinshasa is the 2nd largest French-speaking city proper. Kinshasa lies along the Congo River. Kinshasa experiences a wet and dry climate. It has long rainy seasons, from October until May. And, it has a short dry season, from June to early September.

Voice of Travelers to Kinshasa

Ticket to Kinshasa provided me a Pleasant service by Air France

Hello, I'm Jean Francois from Paris, France. My family and I are on a trip to Africa. One of our stops in our list is the Democratic Republic of Congo. We booked a ticket with Air France to Kinshasa. It was an almost 8-hour flight from Paris. I must say it was a very pleasant ride indeed. There were of course, no frills onboard. The check-in system was 100% automatic. Although there were a few strong turbulence along the way, the cockpit assured us of our safety. The flight attendants were very quick to comfort the nervous passengers. In-flight entertainment, then, was good. The food I ordered was fresh and delicious. I must say I am really impressed with their service. The ticket price I paid for is truly worth it. Thus, I will be sure to book my ticket with Air France again.

Service friendly and accommodating trip to Kinshasa

Hello. I am Tin Villar from Spain. I booked a ticket to Kinshasa, coming from Paris, with Air France. I want to commend them for providing me such a great service. Their crew was very friendly and accommodating. Check-in was breeze, as well as boarding. The about 7.5-hour flight to Kinshasa was comfortable. My legs were not cramped up as they had enough leg room. The food I ordered in-flight was hot and fresh. And, the in-flight entertainment's updated, definitely a plus point. The ticket price I paid for the trip was definitely worth it. I will definitely book my other ticket with Air France.

The ticket to Kinshasa is worth it, the place is a gem

Hi, my name is Luna. I'm from the Philippines. My friends and I booked a ticket to Kinshasa, the first stop to our African vacation. I want to comment how much I enjoyed my stay at Kinshasa. I was able to visit the bonobos by the Lac de ma Vallée and the Chutes de Zongo in Bas Congo. My friends and I had super delicious BBQ by the Congo River. Where, we were able to rent a boat for the day, complete with all the gear, guide, and food. I also enjoyed our night at the Jardin d'Eden- Kinshasa. The restaurant and music bar by the Nsele river was a very relaxing place. The live bands and the food and drinks were unique and refreshing. I will definitely book a ticket back to Kinshasa and enjoy more of its splendor next time.

Kinshasa Travel FAQs

What airlines offer ticket and direct flights to Kinshasa?

Kinshasa is accessible by direct ticket from cities such as Nairobi and Johannesburg. International, it can be accessed directly via Paris and Brussels. Airlines that offer a ticket direct to Kinshasa are Air France and Brussels Airlines. Other airlines include Kenya Airways and South African Airways. A tip: for a more affordable ticket deal to Kinshasa, book the ticket to Kinshasa on a weekday. Also, book your air ticket as early as possible.

When is the best time to book a ticket to Kinshasa?

Kinshasa and its sights are best visited during the dry season. Thus, make sure to book your ticket to Kinshasa within June and September. Peak tourist seasons are from June through August. If you are avoiding the large crowd, book your ticket to Kinshasa around August to September. A tip: for a more affordable ticket deal to Kinshasa, book the ticket on a weekday.

I recently booked a ticket to Kinshasa, what budget hotels are in Kinshasa I can stay at?

Kinshasa has a good number of budget hotels. The most famous and most recommended are Procure St. Anne and Hotel Pasha. Others include the Hotel Phenix and Hotel de La Gombe. Take note that Kinshasa is a famous tourist destination. With this, make sure to secure your accommodation first before you book your air ticket.

Can you please recommend mid-range priced hotels in Kinshasa before I book an air ticket?

Kinshasa has a good number of mid-ranged hotels. The most famous and most recommended are Hotel La Bourgeoisie and Hotel Fontana Inn. Others include the San Pedro Hotel Kinshasa and Residence Marika. Take note that Kinshasa is a famous tourist destination. With this, make sure to secure your accommodation first before you book your air ticket.

Kinshasa - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to N'djili Airport • Brussels Airport (Belgium) • Addis Ababa Bole International Airport (Ethiopia) • O.R. Tambo International Airport (South Africa) • Istanbul Atatürk Airport (Turkey) • Lubumbashi International Airport (Democratic Republic of Congo) etc.

Flight Routes to Kinshasa

The N'djili Airport is also known as the Kinshasa Airport. Or, Kinshasa International Airport. It is also the largest international airport in the Democratic Republic of Congo. South African Airways and Kenya Airways serve as the main airline operators. They offer a direct ticket from Johannesburg, Nairobi, Casablanca, and Addis Ababa. Other African airlines include Royal Air Maroc and Ethiopian Airlines. Kinshasa also offers European connections. This includes Air France from Paris and Brussels Airlines from Belgium.