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City CodeLXR
Popular Airlines
  • Egypt Air
  • Emirates Airlines
Flight Time12~17 hours

The flight time to Luxor is approximately 12~17 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Luxor.

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Luxor is the capital city of the Luxor Governorate in Egypt. Based on a 2015 estimate, Luxor has a population of more than 500,000. Frequently dubbed as the “world’s greatest open-air museum,” Luxor houses several ruins of temples, monuments, and tombs, as well as the site of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes. A lot of tourists book a plane ticket bound to Luxor to discover such attractions. Hence, tourism contributes hugely to the economy of Luxor. Additionally, agriculture is also a prevailing contributor to the city’s economy.

Voice of Travelers to Luxor

Exploring Deir el-Bahari

My name is Gordon from Longford. I always wanted to immerse myself with the rich history of Egypt. When discovered that there are lots of ruins to visit in Luxor, I immediately wanted to book a ticket bound to the history city. After filing a leave, I booked a ticket to Luxor via EgyptAir. The services of the airline were incredible, I loved every second that I stayed on the plane because of its amenities. When I have arrived at Luxor, I was already welcomed with a lot of temples and ruins. I was particularly stunned by Deir el-Bahari, a complex of mortuary temples in Luxor. The temple is truly magnificent, its architecture is well preserved. I had a long walk around the temple but its breathtaking view have shattered my tiredness. I feel like the money I paid for my ticket was worth it. I am going to book a ticket back to Luxor in the future, that’s a promise.

Discovering the Luxor Temple

My name is Peter from Horley. My fascination towards the ancient ruins of Egypt sprawls back from my interest in watching films that feature mummies. I thought to myself, I had to book a plane ticket to see such artifacts in real life. When I discovered Luxor which as a lot of ruins, I immediately booked a plane ticket to Luxor via Thomson Airways. The plane I rode on was fantastic. The staff were kind and accommodating, the features were awesome. I had a good flight to Luxor. Upon arriving at Luxor, I first checked in before exploring the whole city. It was majestic in its own right, Luxor is a beauty. I truly admired Luxor Temple since its interior is too complicated, you need to explore the place in a day. The place is rich in history, I had an educational time in the temple. My ticket to Luxor was worth it.

Luxor Travel FAQs

Q. How do I book a ticket to Luxor?

A. Availing of a ticket to Luxor may be accomplished in different ways. The primary way of having yourself a ticket to Luxor is to aske from airline companies stationed in an airport near you if there is an available ticket bound to Cairo. You may ask a ticket for a connecting flight should a direct flight ticket be unavailable. It is further recommended to check online for airlines that fly to and from Luxor, in order to guide you as to where to purchase a ticket to Luxor..

Q. Do I need a visa to enter Luxor?

A. You have to obtain a visa from Egyptian consulates stationed in different countries across the globe in order to travel to Luxor. You must also obtain a valid passport and a plane ticket bound to Luxor. A return ticket is not required in obtaining a visa. Additionally, you may secure a visa to be able to enter Luxor once you have booked a plane ticket and have landed safely in the city. While a passport is still required, a return ticket is likewise not compulsory. The visa’s validity may be extended up to a year by applying at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Q. What are top destinations in Luxor?

A. With its myriad of temples and tombs, Luxor is a must place to book a plane ticket to. Here are some of the best places to visit in Luxor. You may visit Temple of Karnak and the Luxor Temple in order to immerse yourself with the history of Luxor. The Valley of Kings is a hidden resting place for the kings during early dynasties. You may also try Temple of Deir al-Bahri and Medinet Habu for more magnificent attractions. These are just some of the many attractions to visit in Luxor.

Luxor - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Luxor International Airport ・Cairo International Airport (Cairo, Egypt) ・Heathrow Airport (London, United Kingdom) ・King Abdulaziz International Airport (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) ・Kuwait International Airport (Kuwait City, Kuwait) etc.

Flight Routes to Luxor

Being able to identify the routes to and from Luxor is significant so that you would be guided in booking a ticket from the available airline that flies to the city. You may book a ticket for a direct flight to Luxor from airlines such as EgyptAir, Jazeera Airways, Nile Air, and Thomas Airways. Luxor International Airport houses the aforementioned airlines where you can book a ticket from in order to get to Luxor.