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City CodeMGA
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Avianca
Flight Time4~7 hours

The flight time to Managua is approximately 4~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Managua.

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Managua is.a city in Nicaragua. Managua is situated on the south shore of Lake Managua. Managua is Nicaragua's capital and the largest city in the country. The name Managua origins from the indigenous Nahuatl word Mana-ahuac meaning 'adjacent to the water' or 'surrounded by water. Some people also contest that Managua originates from Mangue language in which the word managua means 'place of the big man'. Managua has many residential and commercial buildings and many educational centers. So much so, Managua is known as the educational hub of the country. Managua has four lagoons in the city: Tiscapa Lagoon, Asososca Lagoon, Nejapa Lagoon and Acahualinca Lagoon.

Voice of Travelers to Managua

Ticket to Managua

Hey I am Owen. Two months ago I got a ticket to Managua from San Jose. First, I wanted to get a ticket with a stopover so I could visit another city but I just bought a direct ticket to Managua for convenience An awkward thing happened on the day of my flight. just a few hours before my flight to Managua I realized I never printed my ticket. I could not print at home cause I don't have a printer. I also do not have a smartphone so electronic ticket was not an option. I eventually had to ask my neighbour whom I have never spoken to if I could use their printer to print my ticket! Apart from this incident, my time at Managua went really well. Managua had a beautiful downtown area with many parks and historical sites. I was blown away by the historical significance of Managua. I also did volcano boarding! I decided to stay in the outskirts of the city for an authentic Managua experience rather than staying downtown.

Ticket for two fo Managua

Hello, my name is Lizzy. I traveled to Managua with my sister during my spring break last year. We went to see many cities in Central America and the first city we got a ticket for was Managua. We bought our ticket beforehand, about 5 months in advance. The ticket was relatively cheap and we got a good deal. We got a direct flight ticket and our flight was very comfortable. When we got there, we relaxed by the lake and also did kayaking for birdwatching. The view was SO serene; I just loved being by the water. We also visited the National Arboretum Juan Bautista Salas, a natural reserve. The sanctuary was so pretty, with numerous trees and bushes.

Managua Travel FAQs

Q. Is Managua expensive?

Managua is a budget friendly city. It is one of the most economical cities in all of Latin America. The cost of transportation, hotels and food is significantly less than other cities in the same area. You can find great hotels at a low cost and enjoy high end business with significantly discounted prices. You can also buy a discounted airline ticket to Managua to make your visit even more economical. The flight ticket are budget friendly all year round. Avoiding holiday seasons and high ticket seasons can also help you find a cheap ticket.

Q. What are some things to do in Managua?

In 1972, Managua faced a catastrophe in which all of the city was destroyed by an earthquake. The city however showed great resiliency and built everything from scratch. All of the main roads of the city are illuminated at night which represents the city's festive vibe. There are a number of attractions in Managua such as the National Palace of Culture, Antigua Catedral de Managua, Revolution Square and New Cathedral. There are also many casinos, pool places, theatres and city tours available in the city.

Q. When can you buy the cheapest ticket to Managua?

A, Airlines offering a ticket to Managua often vary in prices. These airlines regularly offer discount on a ticket to Managua. If you are looking for a cheap ticket, it is best to plan ahead and buy the ticket in advance. Avoiding high seasons such as Winter holidays or Summer vacations can also help you get a discounted ticket to Managua. However, flights aso offer last minute deals on a ticket which can also be availed.

Managua - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Augusto C. Sandino International Airport George Bush Intercontinental Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Managua

Up to 12 flights offer a direct ticket to Managua from various international and domestic cities. Some of these flights offering a direct ticket to Managua are Aeromexico, La Costena, United Airlines, American Airlines and Avianca. Some of the cities that people can buy a direct ticket to Managua from are Mexico city, Los Angeles, Houston and San Jose. People can also choose a ticket that offers a stopover to any of the cities. Through this, people can travel from buy a ticket to Managua from many different cities from all over the world.