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Malta Travel Tips and Information


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Official NameRepublic of Malta
Country CodeMT
LanguageMaltese and English
Country Code (international calls)356
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The flight time to Malta is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Malta below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Malta.

Malta is a small island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. To its north, just 80 Km away, lies Italy.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to Malta/ Maltese

If you are traveling from inside the EU, you do not need a visa to enter Malta. Malta is a member of the Schengen Agreement, therefore travelers from the Schengen Area are not required to obtain a visa. A visa granted for any Schengen member is valid in all other countries that have signed and implemented the treaty so if you have a Schengen visa for another country it will be valid for entry into Malta as well.

Things/Items Allowed into Malta/ Maltese

Passengers older than 17 years old and arriving from non-EU locations are allowed to bring without customs duty 200 individual cigarettes, 100 cigarillos (max. 3 grams each), 50 cigars, 250 grams of smoking tobacco or proportional assortment 1 liter of spirits over 22%, or non-denatured ethyl alcohol with more than 80% volume, 2 liters of spirits or aperitifs made of wine or similar beverages less than 22% volume, or sparkling wines or liquor wines, a proportional mix of these products; and in addition, 4 liters of wine or 16 liters of beer, medicines in proportion to the traveler's needs (for all passengers), and other goods (for air travelers), up to a total value of EUR 430 per adult or EUR 150 if aged under 15 years old. Passengers who purchased items within EU countries are allowed the free import of, 800 individual cigarettes, 400 cigarillos (max. 3 grams each), 200 cigars or 1 kilogram of smoking tobacco, 10 liters of spirits over 22%, 20 liters of alcoholic beverages less than 22%, 90 liters of wine (though no more than 60 liters of sparkling wine) or 110 liters of beer.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Malta/ Maltese

・Taser ・Pepper Spray ・Mace ・Knives ・Fireworks and Dynamite

Things/Items Forbidden into Malta/ Maltese

・Taser ・Pepper Spray ・Mace ・Knives ・Fireworks and Dynamite

Voice of Travelers to Malta/ Maltese

Beautiful Malta

I have such fond memories of my trip to Malta; I was so excited after I bought my ticket! I visited the capital of Malta, Valetta. It was easy to travel around by bus, and my ticket was very cheap. The hotel was beautiful and had lovely staff, and they even helped me buy my transport ticket. I visited another area of Malta, known as Dingli Cliffs; it was very windy there though. I’d recommend including that on your trip to Malta, and be sure to visit the Florianna Café. Another historical site that’s famous in Malta is the grotto of St Paul – you do have to buy a ticket but it’s reasonably priced. I also took the ferry from Silema to Valetta – the ticket wasn’t expensive, but there is one price of ticket for tourists and a much cheaper ticket for locals.

Wine and Dine but watch out for the Malta sun

I had a fabulous time on my trip to Malta, and the food there was fantastic. All the restaurant staff were friendly throughout Malta and helped me with the menus. I noted that the restaurants were filled at lunchtime but in the evenings the crowds were much smaller. I attributed this to the cruise ships frequenting the Malta islands: I’m glad I flew to Malta as I spoke to some people from the ships, and they said that their ticket was much more expensive than mine. One tip - do not be fooled by the cool sea breezes, the sun is very hot! I also took a ferry to Comino to swim on the beaches – I couldn’t believe how cheap the ferry ticket was. I did notice that there were a lot of expats there from different countries, and I was so jealous that they’d just bought a one-way ticket to set up their new lives in Malta.

The rich culture of Malta

All of the cities in Malta are rich in culture and have several attractions. Sliema is the best place to shop for traditional goods from Malta. The hotels here are quite good and the ticket for public transport is cheaper than other parts of Malta. On your way to Saint Julian's there are nice places to dine that overlook the sea. Valletta also has lovely hotels, and the town is an international heritage site (therefore some places require a ticket to visit). Do not leave Malta without visiting Mdina. This town and Rabat are both full of amazing tourist attractions: a bus ticket to travel there is cheap. Entry to the churches and museums in these Malta cities are free and do not need a ticket. There are also several excellent restaurants, like Xara.

Malta/ Maltese Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Malta known for?

A. Malta is known for historic sites and for having numerous fortresses, megalithic temples and beautiful beaches.

Malta/ Maltese - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toMalta International Airport・London Luton Airport ・Paris Orly Airport ・Munich Airport ・Heathrow Airport ・Catania–Fontanarossa Airport ・Leonardo da Vinci International Airport ・Manchester Airport ・Frankfurt Airport ・Gatwick Airport ・Charles de Gaulle Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Malta/ Maltese

Malta only has one airport, the Malta International Airport. Flights are available from the UK on various airlines such as Ryanair, British Airways, Easyjet, Lufthansa and Swiss Air. The national airline of Malta is Air Malta.