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Muscat (Oman)

Muscat (Oman)

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City CodeMCT
Popular Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Etihad Airways
  • Qatar Airways
Flight Time15~18 hours

The flight time to Muscat (Oman) is approximately 15~18 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Muscat (Oman).


Muscat is a small  city  located in Oman but the largest city in Oman which means there are other far smaller cities than Muscat. . Muscat is also the capital city and  location of government offices.Muscat has a population of  1.5 million people as at 2015. The city of Muscat has an area of 3500 square kilometers A visitor who has a ticket can go to the Grand Canyon, go for a dolphin cruise or visit wahiba sands among other attractions in Muscat. In the past the city of Muscat was ruled by local tribes as well as foreigners such as the Portuguese and Persian empires.The economy of Muscat is mainly supported by trading in dates and fish as well petroleum industry.

Voice of Travelers to Muscat

Great experience in Muscat

We spent a great two weeks in Muscat over the Chritmas of the year 2015 to the new year old 2017. spent 2 weeks in Oman over Xmas 2012 - New Year 2013. Muscat is one of the most unique cities. There are beautiful oases, ancient fotresses and great sandy beaches, extreme mountain scenery and friendly people. We had booked our ticket via Qatar airlines on our way there, On return we used Emirates for the ticket. The city of Muscat was full of beautiful women none of us wanted t leave. We regretted getting our ticket by Emirates on our way back as Qatar airlines had given us much better service.

Romantic getaway to Muscat with my wife

We were looking for a customised tour for around fivedays with my wife to Muscat. We finally found Afaq travel who helped us get the tour we wanted. They sorted our air ticket, helped with the visas and gave us an insight of what to expect in the city. My wife for one was not allowed to show off too much skin being a woman. A couple of days later after getting the ticket we boarder a lane to our destination from Dubai. The ticket was by Qatar airlines who had the perfect service that gave us psyke for the trip. The company took care of our itinerary and had our return ticket ready on departure. We had the smoothest trip where everything was perfectly planned for us.

Muscat Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to travel to Muscat?

A. Muscat is a very hot country hence it is advisable to visit during winter when the day temperatures are at an average of 30 degrees celsius and at night may fall to 15 degrees celsius. Winter falls between the months of November and February. In addition to November, December, January and February, the other months that one can visit Muscat are October, March, April since they have low temperatures. t would be best to avoid June, July, August and September since the temperatures are very high and it is humid as well.

Q. What are the main tourist attractions in Muscat?

A. Muscat is a port city therefore many historical remains have been able to be preserved. The attractions are Grand Mosque, Al Jalai Fort Mutrah Souq, Sultan's Palace, Mutrah Corniche, Bait al Zubair, National Museum, Marina Bandar al Rowdha, Qurum Beach, Mutrah Gold Souq and Ghalya Museum of Modern. One may have to purchase a ticket for entry to some of these tourist attractions.

Q. What are the fun facts about Muscat?

A. The fun facts about Muscat are quite interesting. Muscat is the first place in the world to ever have human beings inhabit. Human beings have lived in Oman for at least 106,000 years. Muscat was colonized by the Portuguese decades ago. Muscat Is Currently The Oldest Independent State In The Arab World. Muscat has the lowest crime rate among the lowest in the world. Muscat produces over 900,000 barrels of oil per day.

Muscat - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Muscat International Airport ・John F. Kennedy Airport ・King Khaled International Airport ・Los Angeles International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Muscat

.Air routes in Muscat are served by Muscat International Airport which is located 32 kilometers from Muscat city. The Airport lies within the metropolitan area of Muscat. The airport serves both local and international flights. Each visitor can purchase a ticket to Muscat from various agents or from the airlines. The major airlines that fly over Muscat include Kuwait Airways, Qatar Airways,Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa and others. Planning to travel without a ticket to your destination is is not advisable. One must purchase a ticket and ensure that his travelling partners also have a ticket.