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Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh

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City CodePNH
Popular Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Thai Airways International
Flight Time18~22 hours
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The flight time to Phnom Penh is approximately 18~22 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital and most populous city of the Southeastern Asian country known as Cambodia. Phnom Penh is located on the banks of the Tonlé Sap and Mekong River. Phnom Penh has been the national capital since the French colonization of Cambodia. Phnom Penh has grown to become the nation's center of economic and industrial activities. Phnom Penh is the center of security, politics, cultural heritage, and diplomacy in Cambodia. Phnom Penh is one of the most significant global and domestic tourist destinations for Cambodia. Phnom Penh is noted for its beautiful and historical architecture and attractions.

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Attractions in Phnom Penh

I bought my ticket through Vietnam airlines for a tour to Phnom Penh. The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is a complex of buildings which serves as the royal house of the king of Cambodia. The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is a museum in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. The National Museum of Cambodia in Phnom Penh is the largest museum of cultural history. Wat Phnom is a Buddhist temple located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Silver Pagoda is located on the south side of the Royal Palace, Phnom Penh. The Independence Monument in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, was built in 1958. Wat Ounalom is a wat located on Sisowath Quay in Phnom Penh, near the Royal Palace of Cambodia. Tonle Bati is a small lake about 30 km south of Phnom Penh. Buy a ticket for this and many more tours in Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh top sights

Phom Penh is a city full of attractions and memorable places to visit. The Phnom Penh Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda are magnificent. The Phnom Penh National Museum of Arts houses a priceless collection of artifacts and historical items. Phnom Penh Central Market (Phsar Thmey) caters to just about any traveller. Phnom Penh unique architectural designs are found in the market.
The Killing Fields is a bone-chilling reminder of Cambodia’s tragic history in Phnom Penh. Ta Phrom Temple in Phnom Pemh dates back to the late 12th century. Independence Monument is an iconic landmark that’s set in the heart of Phnom Penh - City Centre. Wat Langka, nearby the Phnom Penh Independence Monument, is one of the five pagodas founded by Ponhea Yat. The National Museum of Cambodia is the country’s largest archaeological and cultural history museum. Buy an online ticket or paper ticket to Phnom Penh and see these great attractions!

Phnom Penh Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I don’t use my ticket?

Many airlines can cancel any purchased ticket and provide a full refund without penalty up to 24 hours after purchase. The best time to decide to get a refund is when first buying a ticket. It's good to familiarize yourself with the policies of the airline issuing the ticket and take time to select a ticket that suits all of your needs at the time. When buying a ticket, you should always be aware if your ticket is refundable, and under what conditions. In most cases, the words "non-refundable" are clearly printed on the ticket and ticket receipt. Certain tickets allow no changes or refunds, while other tickets allow changes for a fee.

Do you need a visa to Phnom Penh?

You need a visa to enter Phnom Penh. You can get one when you arrive in the country, or if you prefer to get it prior to your arrival, you can get one after submitting a form online. Buy an online ticket for a flight to Phnom Penh. An electronic ticket offers many advantages, including security, flexibility, cost and convenience. The electronic ticket also provides the same standard assurances of paper tickets. Electronic tickets are also impossible to lose, unlike paper tickets. No one can steal online tickets, unlike the paper ticket. With an electronic ticket, one may find it easier to make changes to their travel itinerary.

When is the best time to go to Phnom Penh?

Phnom Penh generally has two seasons - wet and dry. The rainy season is from June until October, while the dry season is separated into the cool months (November to February) and the hot period (March to May), when temperatures are generally between 29 to 38 degrees Celsius. Buy an airline ticket to Phnom Penh. An airline ticket is a document issued by a travel agency that confirms entitlement to seat on a flight. The airline ticket may consist of two types: paper tickets and electronic tickets. Either ticket requires a boarding pass.

Q. What foods would you recommend in Phnom Penh?

A. Cambodian food resembles other Asian foods that you may be familiar with, such as those encountered in Chinese cuisine, but often have their own unique flavor and style. Any seafood is likely to be delicious, as seafood is a Cambodian speciality. A unique experience available only in Cambodia are the many food stalls often set up along streets. Food here is authentic, cheap, and easy to eat. Definitely check out these Cambodian street foods during your trip.

Phnom Penh - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Phnom Penh International Airport • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport • Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport • Hong Kong International Airport • Seoul Incheon International Airport • Wattay International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Phnom Penh

Buy a ticket through China Southern airlines for a direct flight from Guangzhou. Through Thai Amile airlines, buy a ticket for a direct flight from Bangkok. Buy a ticket through Vietnam airlines for a direct flight from Vientiane. Through the Hong Kong Express, buy a ticket for a direct flight from Hong Kong. Through Air Seoul, buy a ticket for a direct flight from Seoul. Through Malaysia airlines, buy a ticket for a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur.